Work Christmas Party 2017


Last week we held Payments & Cards Network’s Christmas Party! After much anticipation and excitement, everyone arrived at the office dressed in their Christmas jumpers equipped with their Secret Santa presents. We basically managed to cram as much Christmas as we could into one day.

This year was the first year we introduced Christmas Jumper Day and Secret Santa so everyone was getting into the spirit of things - even Amir, who loved his pancake maker present from Amelie! Christmas Jumper Day and Secret Santa are just small ways of getting everyone excited and bringing people together! It’s also always a great feeling when you get someone a gift and they really love it or find it hilarious.

After all the Christmas fun we headed to Boom Chicago for our company presentations, awards and for a surprise…

This surprise happened to be a comedy improv class! At this point, people were tipping back their beers and wines for some liquid courage. Even though people didn’t know what to expect from the activity, it turned out to be really hilarious. We had to do various activities which allowed for quick thinking on the spot and a surprisingly competitive streak in some people (including myself). These activities included making different scenarios with our bodies, inventing some very questionable stories and throwing imaginary objects around the room. 

We then made our way to Ku Kitchen, a Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar. I personally can’t say much about the fish because I am a vegetarian (I can practically hear the eye rolls) but the vegetarian options were unreal! Everyone who had the ‘real’ sushi has also been raving about it since. This was a really great chance to eat great food and talk to the people around you. We also had a Polaroid camera which snapped some great pictures throughout the night!


This is what people had to say about Payments & Cards Network's Christmas Party:

“Fun, Friendly, Festive”

“Unusual, Destructive, Tremendous”

“Sober, Sober, Sober”

“Fun, Crazy, Boozy”