Why Internships Are Important and Why You Need One

Why Internships Are Important and Why You Need One

The Power of Internships 

For young people, it can be extremely difficult to land yourself a job even if you have a great education behind you. Employers are looking for a combination of good educational background as well as relevant work experience. However, how is it possible to gain experience in your desired field of work when no one is willing to give you that experience? The answer to that question is through an internship.

Who best to hear it from than an intern herself? I am currently taking part in a marketing internship and gaining key skills and knowledge in my desired field only a few weeks in! After gaining a great degree at university, I still found myself at a loss. I may have gained the skills needed in an academic environment but in the real world, I was lacking. Taking part in an internship has already provided me with key skills, it has taught me a range of new aspects of marketing as well as introduced me to a healthy working environment. Here are some other ways in which gaining an internship is important to excel in the future.

Shaping your career

Internships are the perfect way to gain relevant work experience in the field of your choice. They provide you with new skills and insights into your career path. It is invaluable to get experience in your industry in order to see whether it is the right fit for you and your career goals.

Moreover having an internship on you CV also gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. For example, your competitors may only have a good degree behind them. On the other hand, you will have both a degree and a relevant internship, ensuring you are closer to a job than ever before.


Convert academic knowledge into industry skill

You have probably seen a range of movies that depict interns as minions made to do coffee and tea runs for the office. However, interns are entrusted with so much more. You are given the opportunity to convert everything you learnt at university into real working skills. For example, as a graduate of history my researching and writing skills were impressive at an academic level (if I say so myself), adapting these skills into the marketing industry has enabled me to change my writing style dependent on my target audience.

Real world experience

An internship also gives you an understanding of a full time job. I do not just mean the working hours involved in a full time job (which I am only just managing to get the hang of), but you get an insight into a work environment. This comes hand in hand with organising your working calendar, attending meetings and communicating with your colleagues.


Did you really think I could write a whole blog post without mentioning networking? Networking is another valuable aspect of carrying out an internship, because it will completely expand your network of professionals. These networks have the potential of helping you excel in your career in the future, not to mention making close friends in your work place.

It is not only interns that benefit from internships. Internships are great for employers as well. Interns are highly motivated with a willingness to learn. Furthermore, they can provide fresh new ideas and approaches. You can find out more about my world as a marketing intern here!


Written by Jessie Randhawa