What It’s Actually Like To Work At Payments & Cards Network


What It’s Actually Like To Work At Payments & Cards Network


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to make the move to Amsterdam and start a new job, as this was essentially my first full-time job after being in education for 18 years of my life. I was anticipating the long and full-time work hours to be quite treacherous after all the university lifestyle is far from 45 hours a week (well that’s not what I told my parents). However, I have been working at Payments & Cards Network for two months now and it has absolutely flown by! So here is the 101 on what it’s actually like to work at Payments & Cards Network.


The Atmosphere

During my Skype interviews, I could already tell there was a great company culture behind Payments & Cards Network. I quickly learnt that the work that takes place here is very fast-paced and hard-working, yet there is a more casual element to it. For example, you don’t have to dress extremely smart but rather come in what you are most comfortable in.

I know that I work best in an environment where there is music in the background and you can have a conversation with people in the office; like a creative atmosphere where you can bounce ideas from one another. This is exactly what I got! Apart from the techno mornings when you don’t reach the cable in time, I love listening to different types music while working as it keeps me motivated.


The Location

We are right in the centre of Amsterdam on the Keizersgracht, so the location of the office absolutely helps. Looking out of the office window is a great view, well when it’s relatively sunny. It’s great because we are around, or only a short walk away, from great places to get lunch, which is not always good for the old bank account.


The People

Finally, I saved the best until last… The people! It is really great to work in an office where everyone really gets along and you can have a laugh. The fact that we are a very diverse office, 10 different nationalities to be precise, means it’s an interesting mix of people who all get along! I love that as an office, we have breakfast and then a few drinks after work on a Friday. It gives you the opportunity to get to talk to everyone on a more personal level and get to know them outside the working environment. We also have a new plan in place where, once a week, someone will work in a different room of the office, this enables you to mingle with different people in the office and learn new ways of doing things.

Who doesn’t love to get out of the office to do something fun? The team outings are a great idea, especially when I first started and didn’t really know everyone. We even have existed things coming up for the holiday season. For example, our Christmas Party is next week and I am very excited for it! I have also helped to organise Christmas Jumper Day and Secret Santa to bring Christmas cheer into the office, much to a couple of Grinches disdain…


If you are interested in working for Payments & Cards get in touch with Victoria Hammond by emailing her here. You can also call our office at +0031203030275. You can also check out our careers page here

Written by Jessie Randhawa