What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Pokemon Go

Unless you’ve been on another planet over the last months, you can’t have missed it: Pokémon Go. It’s already become a cultural phenomenon, dominating news-cycles worldwide. Even if you’re not a millennial, for whom it brings back memories of Saturday mornings watching Pikachu’s adventures, there is no shame in admitting you like to play the game. But we can actually learn something from Pokémon Go as well. Taking a few cues from this hype can help you “catch them all” with your B2B marketing!

1: People like interacting with people

This is what makes Pokémon GO so different and yet so successful; it’s a springboard to real-world interactions with real people. Although you read a lot about the dangers of walking around with your eyes glued to the screen, everyone who has played Pokémon Go will agree that it’s actually a very social game. The question for B2B marketers is: how can you use the social nature of people to your advantage? Try to think of platforms which foster interaction between people. That can be by organising meet-ups or social activities with local clients and sales reps, conferences like B2B Online or basically anything that gives people to opportunity to share experiences with peers.

2: Social media is very powerful

How many adverts have you seen for Pokémon Go, either on TV, billboards or in print? The answer is none. Game developers Niantic didn’t have to use any traditional advertisement methods, and yet it’s one of the most downloaded apps ever. Everyone heard about it via Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. Social media is a powerful tool for literally everyone: from politicians, game developers and B2B businesses. It, again, comes down to the idea that people love to interact with people. Social media gives them a perfect platform to do so. If you haven’t got a social media strategy yet, make sure to create one. Social media can be time-consuming but doesn’t cost a lot of money. Update your company profile, look for interesting and relevant articles, share your content and remember: don’t talk about yourself all the time. Social media is like a birthday party and you really don’t want to be one of those people constantly blabbering about themselves.

3: Everyone likes good content

Everyone always complains how busy they are. And yet I’ve seen signs from offices all over the world that politely, or more rudely, asked their employees to stop hunting Pokémons during work hours. It shows that everyone likes fun content, even when they’re busy. And what’s more: people are willing to give their details in return. The makers of Pokémon Go asked about just about everything before people could sign up. But did this stop them? Nope. If the content is truly worth it, putting up a gate isn’t a problem. Gating your content helps you to convert web visitors into leads, so if you have something great to share, don’t be afraid to put a wall in front of it. This article was written by B2B Online, Europe’s event for manufacturers and distributors, aimed at senior decision makers involved in customer facing e-commerce. Hear from companies such as Xerox, Staples, 3M and ACCO how to adapt your traditional model, keep your finger on the pulse and more importantly how to stop more digitally focused competitors from overtaking their place in the market. See the agenda here. B2B Online: 07-08 December, 2016 Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam