Transforming the High-Risk eCommerce industry in a safer place than traditional physical goods


Transforming the High-Risk e-commerce industry in a safer place than traditional physical goods.


New Horizons

I have spent the last twenty years of my experience in managing risk for some of the major players in the industry. But mostly physical goods and only some fraud pressure types that are common for this segment of the e-commerce tangible goods.
Once I achieved some of the best results compared to the best industry standards, the challenge was over. Fraud doesn’t sleep and I didn’t either. After optimizing and forecasting catastrophic scenarios and their preventive measures and how to handle the incidents, my winning passion started fading and I looked around for a new challenge.



When praising my results, many commented with the impossibility to even approach non-subscription/unregistered customer in a digital content scenario. When digital content was “solved” and found its balance, there was only one place left that no one wanted to touch with a stick. Adult entertainment. When I realized that most of the industry lives (and profits) even though chargebacks and fraud are killing a HUGE percentage of their margins, I knew that this was my challenge. This was my Moby Dick. And my heart was lock and loaded!

Let me ask you: How would you build a plane, if we had the technology, but haven’t invented it yet?

And exactly like the Wright brothers I felt the freedom of taking what I know and build a platform around it.



B.Ai.b (Balanced Ai 4 Businesses) is my proud creation I can’t keep my mouth shout about (sorry about that to all my friends). A Risk scoring platform based on the latest available technologies and services on the market. Tailored for Subscription and rebilling model, in a high-risk environment. Made to specifics to have all the tools and analytics that a CRO or Risk Manager would ever need. Of course, it has a Chargeback management console. Of course, it has blacklist and third-party data enhancement connections. What did you expect? I can’t yet disclose how I implemented the usage of the Blockchain into the order scoring Ai. The Patent filing application takes some time.
Once Baib was activated on my first client, the results were too good to be true. Like, way too good. This pushed me back to R&D to validate the results, that were correct, but hey, always better to quadruple check, right? The nicer thing about it, is that I created also the best testing platform to easily upload your dataset, compare your assumptions to the ML results in less than 30 minutes and make a decision. Live.
Risk experts will have access to the advanced control panel with admin roles to modify up to the smallest parameter of the platform. Fraud Managers and Analysts have specific access with live reporting, BL management and Chargeback upload.



Baib is the first product of my own startup, Edo for all, or Edo4all in short. After many years of giving training, doing presentations and speeches in this industry, I thought it was time to give even more of a push and do something for it.
No product fits all, so of course I offer consultancy in the risk management, fraud prevention and chargeback handling.
Training has been my passion since ever. I’m excited about the opportunity to help companies manage and reduce their fraud pressure.

I am currently building a small group of international, talented people that work to help Edo4all in all different parts of the business. My team has joined with great enthusiasm and is super excited about this adventure. Yes, that type of adrenaline. I love them all.

     Author: Edoardo Fiorentini

     Website: Edo4All

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