The Use Of Blockchain In Digital Advertising


The Use Of Blockchain In Digital Advertising

With the huge range of technologies being built using blockchain, it is hardly likely that it is going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, many people believe that this is just the start of how it will disrupt, mainly for the better, the ways we conduct business on a global scale. 

The majority of industries are talking about how it will affect them ‘in the future,’ or are looking into ways it could be used in their business models. However, states that in some industries the disruption is already happening. 

One of the most prominent disruptions is that of online advertising, more specifically, the pay per click market. For example, through BitTeaser’s Blockchain Ads Network, which already has many advantages over the current companies offering pay per click. It provides brands with a combination of flexibility and speed, combined with advert placements and the use of digital cash. 

That’s not the only way that blockchain is being applied to digital advertising. Take ad fraud, for example. It is a multi billion dollar problem and one of the biggest concerns among advertisers. The introduction of blockchain is starting to put things into place to prevent this problem, for example, by using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that stores a record of published domain names that are accredited of being non-fraudulent. 

One of the most interesting applications of blockchain is for enabling advertisers to both buy and sell ads through cryptocurrency exchanges, effectively cutting out middlemen and making the process quicker and cheaper. The idea is that smart contract on blockchain could be used to automate the delivery of ads, as well as the payment for them. For many advertisers, this is a very appealing prospect. 

While much of the interest in blockchain at the moment is purely financial, as time goes on, it will become clear that there are many other ways in which it can be applied to business and everyday life. 




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