Summer Highlights: Enjoying Amsterdam

Looking at a company website isn’t always an accurate way to see what it’s like to work somewhere. So, we decided to share some of what we did this summer in Amsterdam at Payments & Cards Network. Last night was our “halfway party” for hitting last year’s targets in 6 months. We spent the first half of the day brainstorming and giving each other feedback. After a productive morning it was time to celebrate. First, we set out for an Escape Room challenge. We had a lot of fun trying to solve riddles and puzzles against the clock to get out on time. Then we had drinks by the water in the sunshine. Eventually we ended up at Supperclub for performances and a lush dinner. IMG_9949 sc

Supperclub, Amsterdam
We’ve made sure to soak up the sunshine here in Amsterdam. We’re lucky to have a company boat we can take out on warm nights. First we all pile in and then we go along the beautiful Amsterdam canals (with a stop or two at different venues or bars along the way!). boatamsterdam boatingamsterdam
Fun on the boat
(Supperclub and boat photos by Amir Abdin)
We’ve also enjoyed delicious dinners, after-work drinks, and our top billers took a trip to beautiful Montenegro. We wanted to share what it's like to work here as we like to enjoy ourselves and work hard. Our team is super dedicated to achieving our goals, so it makes sense we’d want to hang out after work too as we’re all on the same page. Payments & Cards Network’s company values include team spirit and respect. So, this summer’s been a time to celebrate our team and what we achieved together. Hope everyone’s been having a lovely summer wherever they are and can get a few more weeks of sunshine in before fall begins! summerholiday
summer-tripEnjoying the views in Montenegro