Prepaid Card Compliance



Monday Jan 29, 2018


Wednesday Jan 31, 2018


Name: Prepaid Card Compliance

Date: Jan 29 - 31

Location: Washington D.C., USA


Discount Code (10%): P10-999-PYC18


The only event that focuses solely on the prepaid card industry’s legal, regulatory, and compliance concerns.

As the prepaid industry still grapples with the provisions and implementation of the CFPB Final Rule, it is now facing new storms. With the new Administration, the fate of the final rule is nebulous as the future of the CFPB is uncertain. There are also growing concerns of how the possible dismantling of Dodd – Frank may also impact the industry.

Prepaid Card Compliance brings together an unparalleled faculty of industry leaders, regulators and enforcement officials, compliance experts, and outside counsel to help you find solutions to present dilemmas, and provide you with best practices and targeted guidance for this challenging time.

Get expert insight on the latest legal and regulatory developments relevant to prepaid card compliance, including:

  • Addressing the challenges, complexities and expectations surrounding the CFPB final rule on prepaid accounts
  • Understanding the relationship between state escheat laws, prepaid cards and unclaimed property
  • Balancing fraud and terrorist financing prevention with AML/BSA compliance obligations
  • Developing strategies for managing the third-party servicers and implementing robust compliance management systems
  • Advancing innovative products and technology for prepaid cards
  • Examining the link between rewards programs, open looped, and closed looped cards


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