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Why you should work abroad

Why you should work abroad

It’s clear that we all wanted to experience living and working in a different country. In hindsight, it takes me by surprise that I was able to make a big commitment to move and work abroad but knowing that it was the best decision for me.


After graduating I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted to do, so to quench my thirst for travel and to gain some amazing experience working abroad was the perfect option for me! Working abroad is a great option for young people, however, it is something all ages should consider pursuing. Here are some of the advantages of working abroad:


Broadens your horizons

Moving abroad for work means you become immersed in a different country's culture and language, which is a massive advantage. This gives you the chance to learn a new language which you can add to your CV and become open to new ways of living. For example, when I first moved to Amsterdam I didn’t fare well with adjusting to using a bike as a means of getting around. Whereas now I can’t imagine life without my bike and love cycling around the city. Moving abroad can also be a life-changing experience. If you’ve always dreamed of travelling, then this is your chance. Or if you want to explore new career opportunities that other countries can offer, then this may be for you.


It looks great on your CV

Having work experience in a different country on your CV shows a sense of independence and flexibility. It demonstrates that you are willing to venture out of your comfort zone in order to boost your career prospects. As mentioned previously, you can also add any language skills you picked up as part of your time abroad.

For young people, in particular, working abroad after graduation is a great opportunity to figure out what career you want to pursue. This means working abroad doesn’t always have to be a full-time job but can also consist of internships or volunteering opportunities. Including such opportunities on your CV helps you stand out from those who haven’t taken the leap to something entirely different.


Meeting new people

If you make the decision to move abroad for work you will undoubtedly meet so many different people. From colleagues who you will be working with, to new friends and even people you end up living with. All these people become connections which makes moving abroad a great networking opportunity and is something which might help you in the future.


Personal development

If you are at the very start of your career or you have decided to make a career change then choosing to work abroad can offer you both personal and professional development. Afterall having a global outlook is one of the most valued as well as underrated skills employers look for. Finally, making the decision to working abroad and actually doing it requires a great deal of courage! This kind of drive enhances the quality of life and means you are actively achieving your aspirations.


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