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The morning of your job interview

The morning of your job interview

Pre-job interview stress is usually more stressful than the actual job interview itself. Here are a few ways you can help reduce that stress and ensure the morning of your interview goes as smoothly as possible.


Getting up early

Get up early and leave yourself plenty of time to complete all the things you have to prepare for before the interview. This means ensuring you have your interview outfit ready! There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find that you have no idea what to wear (story of my life). So make sure this crucial aspect is organised. You can take a look at our interview outfit do’s and don’ts infographic here for some inspiration.


Breakfast and plenty of water

Never underestimate the power of breakfast. In the last post, we discussed how a hearty breakfast can help you become more productive in the working day. Well, the same concept goes for this; a healthy and filling breakfast leaves you raring to go. Moreover, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and energised. Although, don’t drink so much that you need to go to the toilet every 5 minutes!

Go over your CV and key points one last time

Don’t attempt to cram as much information as possible before your interview, this will have your brain going in over-drive. Instead, go over the CV you tailored for the job specification to remind yourself of the key skills the interviewer is looking for and the examples you provided in your CV. It is also a great idea to read over the company profile so you understand what it is they do and the core values of the company. This small reminder will give you renewed confidence and a reminder of what you can bring to the company.


Arrive early to your interview

An obvious, but the most important one! Nothing says a bad first impression like turning up to your job interview 10 minutes late. Avoid this by having a travel plan in place, which highlights how you are going to get to the destination and how long it will take. Arriving early to your interview also gives you a chance to drink a cup of tea or water before the interview starts.


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