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The art of job hunting on social media

The art of job hunting on social media

80% of employers Google search job seekers before inviting them to an interview. This means that employers screen social media accounts and make decisions based on what is discovered or even not discovered.

If employers can’t find any trace of you online this can significantly lower your chances of getting a job, purely because it is important to have a digital footprint - and the right kind of footprint.

Many people talk about how social media can hinder your chances of getting a job or job interview. However, if done correctly your social media presence may be the best thing for your search.

So here are ways you can use social media to your advantage when looking for opportunities.


Up-to-date profile

Ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date is very important with getting spotted by the right people. Chances are that your LinkedIn profile will be the first in a Google search so what better way of impressing employers with an actively used social media account along with all your qualifications and achievements.

Furthermore, this develops your online brand. For example, having an online blog in which you discuss an area in your field allows you to be seen as a thought leader, something which will help you stand out from other applicants.


Connecting with the right people

Expanding your network to the right people is key to finding opportunities and we all know that LinkedIn is the network to go to for this. LinkedIn groups are also a great way to find like-minded people and are especially good for networking in a new city. For example, Payments & Cards Network group allows members to keep updated with the latest connections and happenings within the booming Payments industry!


Privacy Settings

The best way of using social media in your job hunt is utilising each channel and displaying the right type of information. This doesn’t mean completely hiding your Facebook profile from being found by employers, but rather, hiding posts and pictures you wouldn't want an employer to see.


Finding opportunities

An obvious way of finding more out about a company is through LinkedIn. What we are also seeing more of is companies using Instagram to showcase their company culture. This is a great way of finding more out about the people behind the organisation and to see whether it would be a right fit for you. As company culture is becoming increasingly important for applicants, companies are becoming more efficient at showcasing their culture.


Show your personality

The best way of using social media is to let your personality come to the forefront. It is great for see hiring managers getting more of a sense of who you are. Just as you use social media to see if you would be a good fit for the company and its culture, the hiring manager will be doing the same. They want to see if your personality would also be a good match with the company. Of course showing your qualifications is very important in these situations, however, revealing your personality may steal the show.