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Interview with Amélie Berille

Interview with Amélie Berille

We interviewed Amélie Berille, the new addition to our team. As a French native she’s focusing on the thriving fintech and payments market and is helping us expand the network in that region.

Amélie Berille is the latest addition to the PCN Team and has joined us in April 2017. Graduated in 2016 with a Master in Human Resources, Amélie has gathered substantial recruitment experience during the last years. 

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I grew up in the beautiful French Alps and lived in the culinary capital of the world, Lyon, in the south-east of France before I moved to Amsterdam. I studied Human Resources because I’m very fond of people management as well creating projects and initiatives for people working towards one common goal. The aspect that brought me to recruitment in the financial sector was that I completed an internship at one of the major banks in France. I stayed there for over 1 year where I’ve been recruiting commercial roles. I was also involved in campus recruitment projects & employer branding campaigns which I really enjoyed.


What made you pursue a career in recruitment?

I believe that coming from a Human Resource background, my main motivation to recruit for a major French bank was that the institution offered sufficient resources for large scale HR projects. However, I also like to challenge myself – especially in my working environment. The aspect of recruitment sparked my interest because this industry has changed fundamentally over the last 10 years. Today, it requires a whole new set of skills and digital knowledge in addition to the processes that have been established for many years.

Another reason is because you get to handle many different people from different cultures with their very own personal preferences. And your challenge is to align both clients’ and candidates’ expectations.


What led you becoming a recruiter at Payments & Cards Network?

After I finished my Master degree, I forged a plan with three of my best friends from home. We all graduated university about the same time and had the great idea of first travelling together for 2 months and then all move to a major European city together. That’s exactly what we did. We spent a month in the U.S mainly on the West Coast and another month on the other side of the world in Thailand. We had a truly amazing time.

Before we decided to move to Amsterdam, I already knew I wanted to work within recruitment. To be more specific, I wanted to explore the world of recruitment with an agency. I was fascinated by the diverse working environment and the different approaches compared to the recruitment practice of internal Human Resource departments. The reason I decided to come and work for Payments & Cards Network was that I like to gain specialist knowledge and FinTech seems to offer me this specialty.


How is your experience so far with Payments & Cards Network, still being very new to the team?

I can’t say a lot about the entire company, yet. However, I think that the team is good as reflected in the great working atmosphere. My co-workers are all very helpful and I have the feeling that everyone here is passionate about their work. That’s also a good motivation for me. I also like the healthy competitive vibe in the office.


What do you do for fun outside of work?

Well, I love to travel and discover new places, food, cultures etc. I also like to meet new people and go out with friends. Since I grew up close in the French Alps, I’m very much into skiing and biking as well. The best things for me about living in Amsterdam is that it offers a great big city vibe whilst not being gigantic, plus there are many cool events happening here. Ohh, and of course, I enjoy French cooking and wines, too?