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How can a recruitment agency help with job seekers?

How can a recruitment agency help with job seekers?

Choosing the right recruitment agency and the right recruiter can have a massive and positive impact on your career.


For many years there has been somewhat of a stigma surrounding recruiters and recruitment agencies. Why? This is mostly due to those who may have a bad experience with recruiters in the past, or recruiters who come across as very sales focused rather than actually placing great candidates with equally great companies. In this article, we have included a list of 6 key points of how a recruitment agency can help with job seekers.


Benefit from the hidden job market

Because of their large network, recruitment agencies have an excellent knowledge of the labour market. They know the latest development of different sectors and companies and also have access to a hidden job market that job seekers would not know (yet). Through many years of partnership with clients, recruitment agencies are often the first to know about the profiles they need to look for their clients. Therefore, a recruitment agency can get you in contact with interesting clients and projects, and you would even understand that some of these positions are not posted publicly because they are exclusive to the recruitment agency.


Better career prospects

A lot of companies get top quality candidates applying for their positions but find it difficult to pick the best out of all these applications they receive. Therefore, these companies rely on a recruitment agency to find prime candidates, saving them a lot of time.

What does this mean for you? If you get a job interview, you can be assured that you are not considered as an applicant but instead a candidate for the job. Good recruiters ensure they are only giving the very best candidates to the employers, so you are already shortlisted and in an advantaged position for the opportunity.


Higher salary

While some may believe recruiters ask very personal questions such as salary and family background, all this information is essential to evaluate whether you are a good fit for the job. For example, by telling recruiters your current and desired salary, it will help them to be in a position where they can negotiate on behalf of you and get a better salary or benefits package than what you are currently having.


Relocating to better locations

Some of the very best jobs in the industry are not necessarily right at your doorstep. A lot of recruitment agencies have access to jobs across the globe. If you have the right profile and expertise, these recruiters can get you a position by relocating you to a new city where the salary is higher with a better career prospect. Also, for these positions, a relocation package is always included in the offer.


Interview tips and preparation

When it comes down to the actual job interview, recruitment agencies can help you prepare for that. After all, if recruiters are hiring for those companies then they would have years of experience working with them. This means they will inevitably be knowledgeable about the company as well as the hiring process. From the company culture and fit to the specific skills the company are stressing for that particular role, recruiters are the insiders who can share you tips with all the necessary information before the interview. This would help you be well-prepared and ensure that you have the right ingredients to ace the job interview.


Free of charge service

Finally, the best thing for job seekers to use recruitment agencies is that the service comes at no cost to you, because it is the employer who is paying for this service. Therefore, good recruiters are always looking for the best interest of job seekers.


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