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Fintech in Atlanta #8 - Interview with Linda Touch, Vice President of Marketing for Identity and Fraud Solutions at Equifax

Fintech in Atlanta #8 - Interview with Linda Touch, Vice President of Marketing for Identity and Fraud Solutions at Equifax

“Fintech in Atlanta” interviews C-level executives and entrepreneurs in Atlanta to talk about the growth of the industry, and how they contribute to the rapid development in the region. This interview is with Linda Touch, Vice President of Marketing for Identity and Fraud Solutions at Equifax

Describe some of the challenges financial institutions (FI) are currently facing when trying to balance consumer convenience with security.

The two biggest challenges for FIs in today’s changing landscape are (1) fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in their approach and (2) consumer expectations for a friction-free experience continues to increase.


As fraudsters continue to scale their attacks, most financial institutions are playing a game of catch up as they work to implement solutions that protect their consumers. Unfortunately, many of these solutions also create roadblocks in the consumer experience. According to PWC, 73 percent of consumers say a good experience is the key to influencing their brand loyalties. Security questions and captcha games do not make a great customer experience.

What are some of the pitfalls / challenges that FIs run into when solving these challenges?

The biggest pitfall FIs encounter is realizing too late that not all fraud solutions are created equal in their ability to fight fraud holistically. Many solutions fail to keep pace with the rapidly evolving, persistent and complex fraud landscape.


Failing to leverage a solution that takes an intelligent, holistic approach to fraud management may lead to increased false positives and negatives, financial loss and operational costs.

How and what types of technology are playing a role in maintaining that balance?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are pivotal in helping financial institutions balance customer experience with security. Both are effective in fraud prevention and detection as they allow for the automated discovery of patterns across large volumes of data.


AI based techniques can detect anomalies by identifying transactions that don’t conform to the majority. Machine learning establishes correlations to create a singular view of the consumer across multiple channels with improved efficiency and accuracy.

In your opinion, which Atlanta based FIs are getting the balance right and why? 

Many of the financial institutions in Atlanta are prioritizing the balance between convenience and security, which is taking the right approach. Even though many of these institutions are still trying to work out how to do this successfully, they still have significant support from the growing Atlanta technology community.


Atlanta is fast becoming a hub for financial fraud prevention innovation and we’re proud to be part of this growing movement toward creating better data intelligence tools, and ultimately, technology that is able to better protect the consumer.

How is Equifax contributing to the solution?   

Equifax recently launched Luminate, an intelligent fraud management solution.

With its modular design, Luminate tackles the issue of fraud holistically by incorporating a broad range of data sources to educate the platform, assist businesses in identifying fraud and adapt to emerging fraud patterns.


About Equifax


Linda Touch, VP of Marketing for Identity and Fraud Solutions Linda is responsible for the overall marketing strategy and execution of innovative solutions that leverage the extensive Equifax and partner data ecosystems to help improve identity authentication, customer acquisition, retention and channel profitability for business clients and the end consumer. Linda is a contributing author for articles that articulate the value of balancing consumer experience and risk management and the net positive impact to organisations.

Linda brings 25+ years of experience as a creative, results-driven strategic portfolio marketing leader with proven ability to drive global product strategy and develop go-to- market plans that create value, increase revenue and grow brands. She is an experienced team leader, influential speaker and effective collaborator able to educate, inform and influence change.