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8 Amsterdam Fintechs to look out for in 2021

8 Amsterdam Fintechs to look out for in 2021

Amsterdam - One of the most promising fintech hotspots of Europe and the home of PCN’s HQ. Being home to the Dutch East India Company, the world’s first publicly traded company and the most valuable company to ever exist, Amsterdam is by no means a newcomer to the financial sector. But even with the rapid digitalization and transformation of the industry, the Dutch capital is able to keep up. Here are 8 fintech companies based in the Venice of the North to look out for in 2021.

1. Mollie

Mollie just recently made headlines as fintech’s latest unicorn, having crossed the $1 Billion threshold with their Series B funding round that brought them an additional $90 Million. With more than a 100,000 customers across Europe and 4 additional branches outside of Amsterdam, Mollie is arguably the largest fintech company coming out of the Venice of the North.
With the leadership of CEO Adriaan Mol, the payments pioneer employs an international team of more than 300 employees. Together, they work on revolutionizing payment integration for businesses, supporting all major markets and utilizing a wide variety of payment methods ranging from traditional credit card payments to new fintech technologies such as PayPal or Klarna.

2. Fraudio

Backed by ING, PayVision and VivaWallet, this Amsterdam Startup is all about fighting payment fraud. This is accomplished using innovative technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and multi-dataset network effects - there is no barrier for entry; the service is provided on a pay-per-use basis. Founded in 2019 by CEO Joao Moura, the future of Fraudio looks bright; their products have already proven to make 40% fewer false positives than one of the top 3 market leaders serving Dutch acquirers.
If you want to find out more about Fraudio, check out our latest issue of PCN Magazine here!

3. BUX

BUX is a fintech company with the intent to offer a single-destination finance app to make participation in the financial market easy, accessible and commission-free to everyone. 
CEO Nick Bartot launched the project in 2014, and the company has since amassed a user base of nearly 2.5 million across 9 European countries.
If you’d like to hear more about BUX and Nick Bartot’s vision, don’t miss our latest episode of ‘In Check with Fintech’ with one of our stellar hosts Rogier Van Der Voort.

4. Adyen

Since 2006 Adyen, a payments provider for businesses allows the acceptance of point-of-sale, mobile payments, and e-commerce transactions has been steadily growing through the leadership of founders Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff, CEO and CTO. Becoming  a fintech unicorn in 2015 and a part of Forbes’ Cloud 100 list in both 2016 and 2017, Adyen is perhaps one of the most household names on this list. Their offices span across 22 countries with more than 1000 international employees. The online payment platform links to various payment methods across the world, including online banking methods and cash-based methods alike.

5. Factris

With a recent raise of €50 million through debt financing, Factris is on the up and up to become a prominent member of the Amsterdam fintech scene after being founded in 2017 by Brice Laurent and Marcel Meijer. The company specialises - among others -  in financing SMEs and invoices. But central to their repertoire is the process of factoring; small businesses can apply for their unpaid invoices to be paid immediately to gain capital for growth. Their philosophy of saying ‘yes’ accompanies their mission to embrace new businesses and help them grow.

6. Peaks

The concept of Rabobank-backed fintech Peaks could not possibly be any more grounded in Dutch culture. The name derives from the Old Dutch ‘piekenpijp’ (Peaks pipe), a tube designed to collect coins in it and make saving spare change easier - which is exactly what the Peaks application accomplishes. It allows easy saving and investing through an accessible and user-friendly interface. Founded in 2016, the app is currently only accessible in the Netherlands, though it is quickly growing with access in the rest of Europe being the next goal.

7. CreditClick

Founded in 2017 by Jeroen Bosch van Rosenthal and Jeroen Mulder, CreditClick’s mission is to bring an easy payment solution facilitating immediate, real-time online credit for consumers by credit suppliers. With no additional expense to the merchant or the consumer, and instant availability, this now Europe-wide application can be used immediately through a one-time registration, after which no transaction costs apply.

8. Ohpen

CEO and founder Chris Zadeh launched Ohpen in 2009 with a simple idea: developing the world’s first cloud-based core banking engine. After initially struggling to find clients, the investment company Robeco took the chance and bought their product. Since then, Ohpen has established itself as a market leader; with more than 150 employees and offices in three European countries, the company is only continuing to expand. Their belief in a single, centralized system across countries is knitted into the company’s DNA and has brought rapid growth over the last 10 years.