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5 apps to help you stay organised

5 apps to help you stay organised

Here is our list of apps which will help you stay more organised in all aspects of life. From work to lifestyle, these 5 apps will allow you to stay organised at the touch of a button.



The go-to app for all your projects, lists and notes in one space. These even include hand-drawn notes, audios recordings, videos and PDFs. This means if you’re in a 9am meeting or lecture Evernote’s voice note feature could prove useful and record the whole thing for you to go over later. You can even access Evernote on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


Google Drive

The beauty of Google Drive is that it allows you to work from your phone during your morning commute, proceed on your desktop when you’re in work and then continue on your tablet when you’re at home. It has everything you need at the touch of a button as it stores all your files across every channel. Google Drive also makes it ridiculously easy to share your files and folders with others where they’re able to edit and comment.

Google Drive isn’t only great for working life but also personal life too. With 15GB you can store photos and share albums with family and friends.


Fabulous: Motivate Me!

This app acts as a life coach as it encourages you to improve different aspects of your daily life. For example, it puts emphasis on eating healthier, being calm through meditation and creating better habits. I like the idea of this app because it motivates you to start changing small aspects of your life which will then make a bigger impact on your overall health and wellbeing.


FullContact Card Reader

If you’re constantly networking and can’t keep up with all your new contacts then this app is made for you. FullContact Card Reader allows you to scan businesses cards and converts the information into a phone contact. This is so much better than having hundreds of businesses cards stashed away.



Shoeboxed has recently had a lot of promotion as it uniquely allows you to keep track of your spending. Much like FullContact Card Reader, this app lets you take pictures of your receipts and extracts the data into expense reports. The key selling point of this app is that it could save you a lot of time sorting through your receipts which would be a very useful thing for small businesses especially.


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