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4 ways to create a happy workplace

4 ways to create a happy workplace

It makes sense for your employees to be more motivated in the work they do, if they are happy in their working environment. The outcome of a happy workplace is not only great for business, but also for the wellbeing of your employees.

Companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%. After all a happy workplace where you enjoy your surroundings as well as the work you are carrying out, is something that every employee should be able to experience.

These are just a few ways bring some happiness into your working environment:

A sense of belonging

A sense of belonging to the company and team lets employees know that they are an internal part of the team and that their work is therefore fulfilling. Furthermore, when employees understand the bigger picture of the company, then we can see each individuals role and understand their place in the bigger picture. Recognising and rewarding employees when they have accomplished something in their role helps to highlight their belonging in the company.


Organising events such as office parties, team breakfasts and lunches are a great way of bringing all your employees together. These types of events also give employees the opportunity to know each other on a personal level, after all close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%. What I especially like about the working environment at Payments & Cards Network is how every Friday morning we enjoy breakfast together as a group, it allows you to build friendships with people in your office who you may never had had beforehand. This in turn creates a healthy and happy workplace!

Allow room for growth

Give employees the chance for frequent growth and development in their skills and experience. This can be achieved through creative and different training programmes. These types of growth opportunities also come hand-in-hand with a sense of achievement. For example, as a marketing intern I have been given the trust and opportunity to execute my own marketing project. This has allowed me to grow in a way that I never would have, if I had been shadowing.

Working atmosphere

Do not underestimate the power of the physical working environment. The working atmosphere can have a huge impact on your employee’s wellbeing. Having natural lighting in the workplace along with comfortable chairs and desks are small yet effective ways of creating a happy workplace.