Payments & Cards Network's New US Headquarters


Payments & Cards Network's New US Office 

We are pleased and excited to announce the location of our new US Head Quarters in Atlanta Tech Village - Atlanta's coolest tech community office!


What is Atlanta Tech Village?

Payments & Cards Network were introduced to the Atlanta Tech Village in March last year by Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the economic organisation who help to promote the well-being of Atlanta.

We were interested in Atlanta Tech Village because of the vast number of opportunities that it could open for the company, especially with it holding a community of startups and thousands of entrepreneurs all under one roof. The space also provides a high energy and motivated environment which is a great atmosphere to work in.

What opportunities does the provide?

As America’s 4th largest tech hub, ATV gives us access to clients and potential clients who recognise Atlanta Tech Village as the place to be. This means our US Head Office is the perfect place to engage with new talent and small partners.

Our presence in the building also means other tech business who are looking to expand and find the best people for the job, can benefit from our services. ATV is also a great networking space and a fantastic opportunity to grow our US office.

How can you get involved?

We are extremely excited to start expanding the US Market and because the type of working environment Payments & Cards Network has, it means this is a great opportunity for millennials to get involved in. We are interested in highly motivated people who are interested in internship roles as well as recruits in the FinTech space. If this sounds like something you are interested in please contact Vicky Hammond -