Office Life: Ways to Shine in the New Year

And we’re truly back! Everyone’s been on holiday, enjoying time with family and friends and now it’s time to get back to work. It can be hard to keep focused after the whirlwind of good food and fun times. But now’s the perfect time to really shine at work. After the new year, you’re refreshed and (hopefully) energized after your break. It may feel clichéd to make yourself a list of New Year’s Resolutions. At the same time, focusing on what you want to accomplish in the coming year will help you focus at the office. Sometimes people make resolutions like: “become rich”, “stop being unhealthy”, or “be nicer”. These are harder to keep track of than concrete, specific resolutions. Instead of vague, try: “save 300 euro a month”, “drink more water”, “thank people when they help me”. So, with that in mind, let’s look at simple, real ways to make an impact at work and put your best foot forward in 2017.

Take responsibility for your mistakes:
When you mess up, do you try to hide it? This is a common knee-jerk reaction, especially if you’ve made a mistake that is embarrassing to admit. Nonetheless, try committing to taking responsibility this year. Owning your mistake and apologizing makes it easier to move on. Then you don’t have to scramble to cover up anything (and risk getting caught in both a lie and a mess). And you’ll earn the respect of your peers and bosses when they see you are willing to take responsibility for your actions.
Offer to take on a new project:
It’s a new year, which gives you a fresh start at work. Think about if you’ve been feeling unmotivated or bored. If so, it’s time to commit to taking on a new project or starting a new initiative at work. What skill set do you want to learn that benefits your team? Is there something around the office you think could run better? Now’s the time to incorporate this new project or initiative into your schedule. Not only will you have more fun but your employers will be happy to see you taking initiative and following your passion. Win-win. [caption id="attachment_5286" align="aligncenter" width="387"]office Don't be like this guy after the holidays....[/caption]
Get to know your coworkers better:
This one’s more personal... But with the new year and holidays over, you’ve got a quick and easy way to start a conversation. Our office is small, relaxed, and friendly, so we’re already comfortable talking to each other. Nonetheless, in the new year, it’s a great idea to mix up who you eat lunch with or who you talk with in the mornings. The more you understand and speak with your coworkers the more enjoyable work becomes. If you work in a bigger and more corporate office, try speaking with someone who works at another desk or on another floor. You don’t need to try and become best friends with everybody. But having some friendly coworkers to hang out with is both emotionally fulfilling and keeps you involved in work culture and events. -Layla Durrani