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Key takeaways from our industry meetup with Payvision

Our industry meetup gathered industry leaders to share their insights on automation and AI, fraud and risk and how to get the most out of your data.

What’s a blockchain smartphone, and do you need one?

HTC's Exodus smartphone claims to keep your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies secure. But who is it really for?

Interviews with speakers ahead of Payments Forum 2019 in London

The Center for Financial Professionals have interviewed a few speakers ahead of their 2nd Annual Payments Forum 2019. Here is a snippet of what they had to say.

SWIFT rolls out gpi tracker for all as usage soars

SWIFT gpi has been rapidly adopted and is now being used to send more than a million payments every day with a combined value of well over $100 billion.

SWIFT creates financial sector API blueprint

SWIFT has today published a blueprint for common API standards following collaboration with European banking standards bodies STET and Berlin Group NextGenPSD2.

AXA rebrands £55 million fund to invest in fintech

AXA Investment Management is restructuring its £55 million Framlington Financial fund to invest in fintech companies.

10 examples of customer experience innovation in banking

Banks that can innovate and meet customers’ needs have a huge competitive advantage. Here are 10 examples of innovative banking customer experiences.

Infographic - 6 things you should know about bitcoin

What do you know about cryptocurrency? Check out this infographic prepared for you!

Interview with TSYS ahead of P20 in Atlanta

We spoke to Gaylon Jowers Jr., Senior Executive Vice President and President, Issuer Solutions, TSYS, to find out more about TSYS and its place in the payments space.

Cash management technology poised to level analytical playing field

Despite the hype surrounding a cashless society, cash remains firmly entrenched as a payment method and demand for currency is steadily rising.

FIS - Empowering the financial world

We interviewed FIS, a global leader in financial services technology, who are also attending the P20 conference in Atlanta held on October 9-10th.

International P20 Conference harnesses leadership for Atlanta’s payments industry

Already dubbed “Transaction Alley”, Atlanta is set to host the second annual P20 Conference this month.

B2B Online Report

B2B Online has released a report by interviewing C-suite executives from B2B organisations across the globe.

ShapeShift introduces new membership program for users

ShapeShift AG introduced a new membership program, providing users with significant benefits and a better overall user experience.

Transforming the high-risk ecommerce industry in a safer place than traditional physical goods

Edoardo Fiorentini, a risk and fraud expert talks about his innovations and how they can transform the high-risk ecommerce industry.

ShapeShift hires new Chief Legal Officer

ShapeShift AG, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, announced that FinTech law expert Veronica McGregor is joining the company as Chief Legal Officer.

The fintech revolution - Reshaping the global economy and its workforce

The fintech response to the 2008 financial crisis has played a role in reshaping the global economy and its workforce.

ShapeShift AG announces acquisition of Bitfract

The multi-crypto asset tool is the only platform in the world that allows users to trade one asset to multiple in one transaction.

Has PSD2 in the Netherlands failed already?

The Netherlands has not yet implemented PSD into local law but the Minister did reveal plans to make additional changes relating to privacy. So, has PSD2 in the Netherlands failed already?

All about bitcoin mining

Do you want to know more about bitcoin mining? Read this infographic to know more!