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Mondato Summit Asia 2018 - The next wave of digital services in emerging Asia

This executive conference will explore how both incumbents and innovators alike can navigate the highly complex ecosystem across Emerging Asia’s variegated markets.

No cash, no pain: What if you woke up to no paper money?

What if we wake up one day and find that all the paper money that we are familiar with has disappeared?

Tough decisions for merchants and acquirers and PSPs in 2019

In 2018/2019 both merchants and payment providers face pressing, strategic questions related to the selection of payment methods they support that need to be answered.

Sweden is planning for a cashless future with 'e-Krona'

Sweden’s central bank will start a pilot project to develop an electronic currency as the Nordic nation grapples with how to secure payment systems in a future without cash.

BlockShow returns to celebrate Blockchain in Asia with Asia Blockchain Week in November 2018

BlockShow Asia 2018 will be taking place as a part of the Asia Blockchain Week between November 27 - December 1 at the Marina Bays Sands Hotel.

Millennials who use mobile fintech apps tend to make worse financial decisions

A study of using millennials (ages 18-34) found they were less likely to be financially literate than others of the same age who didn’t pay for things with their phones.

Digitalization will make most heritage financial firms irrelevant by 2030

By 2030, 80% of heritage financial services firms will go out of business, become commoditized or exist only formally but not competing effectively.

What is the security concern resulted from PSD2 and open banking?

As a result of the passage and adoption of open banking regulations, like PSD2 in Europe, banks and other financial firms are sharing data more freely than ever before.

Key takeaways from our industry meetup with Payvision

Our industry meetup gathered industry leaders to share their insights on automation and AI, fraud and risk and how to get the most out of your data.

What’s a blockchain smartphone, and do you need one?

HTC's Exodus smartphone claims to keep your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies secure. But who is it really for?

Interviews with speakers ahead of Payments Forum 2019 in London

The Center for Financial Professionals have interviewed a few speakers ahead of their 2nd Annual Payments Forum 2019. Here is a snippet of what they had to say.

SWIFT rolls out gpi tracker for all as usage soars

SWIFT gpi has been rapidly adopted and is now being used to send more than a million payments every day with a combined value of well over $100 billion.

SWIFT creates financial sector API blueprint

SWIFT has today published a blueprint for common API standards following collaboration with European banking standards bodies STET and Berlin Group NextGenPSD2.

AXA rebrands £55 million fund to invest in fintech

AXA Investment Management is restructuring its £55 million Framlington Financial fund to invest in fintech companies.

10 examples of customer experience innovation in banking

Banks that can innovate and meet customers’ needs have a huge competitive advantage. Here are 10 examples of innovative banking customer experiences.

Infographic - 6 things you should know about bitcoin

What do you know about cryptocurrency? Check out this infographic prepared for you!

Interview with TSYS ahead of P20 in Atlanta

We spoke to Gaylon Jowers Jr., Senior Executive Vice President and President, Issuer Solutions, TSYS, to find out more about TSYS and its place in the payments space.

Cash management technology poised to level analytical playing field

Despite the hype surrounding a cashless society, cash remains firmly entrenched as a payment method and demand for currency is steadily rising.

FIS - Empowering the financial world

We interviewed FIS, a global leader in financial services technology, who are also attending the P20 conference in Atlanta held on October 9-10th.

International P20 Conference harnesses leadership for Atlanta’s payments industry

Already dubbed “Transaction Alley”, Atlanta is set to host the second annual P20 Conference this month.