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Sopra Banking Software a Leader in Mortgage and Loan Management Solutions

Paris, October 20, 2020 – Sopra Banking Software, a global leader in banking and financing software, is proud to be recognised as a leader in NelsonHall’s Mortgage and Loan Services NEAT evaluation, 2020.

Crypto Fest 2.0 Rumble in the Crypto Jungle

Crypto is heating up once again! DeFi has exploded onto the scene, scalability of Ethereum is in question and gas fees are out of control, interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is hot, regulators are scrutinising closely and expectations that bitcoin is going to moon soon, is causing a rumble in the crypto jungle!

What’s next for post-pandemic fintech innovation?

Even before 2020, FinTech was fundamentally transforming the way financial services operate. Established market players have been forced to step up their use of technology to keep pace with challenger banks and FinTech start-ups.

Visa accelerates blockchain capabilities with Ternio

Ternio has boarded Visa’s Fast Track programme as a cryptocurrency focused enablement partner, in the latest move from the payments giant to increase its foothold in blockchain finance.

Will FinTech Save The Music Industry?

When COVID-19 took full effect in March, touring and concerts, which contribute billions of dollars to the music industry annually, were immediately canceled, leaving tens of thousands of artists financially scrambling to make ends meet.

5 Bank And Fintech Partnership Ideas To Generate Revenue

Today’s realities in the banking industry: - Banks and credit unions need new sources of non-interest income. - Fintech startups need to start generating revenue. - Bank/fintech partnerships are a win/win: They help banks offer services that would take them years to develop and they help fintechs scale distribution faster and more cheaply than they could on their own. There are bank/fintech partnership opportunities out there that could generate revenue for both parties, yet few banks are pursuing those opportunities.

Fintech startup Razorpay turns unicorn amidst pandemic after $100M Series D funding led by Sequoia, GIC

Bengaluru-based fintech startup Razorpay has entered the unicorn club amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The payments startup announced that it had raised $100 million in Series D funding, in a round co-led by GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, and Sequoia Capital India.

Challenger bank accessing latest anti-money laundering technology through fintech

Challenger OakNorth is expanding its use of technology from a fintech supplier to ensure it meets anti-money laundering regulations.

European fintech giant Revolut is close to applying for a bank charter in California, sources say

Revolut, the biggest European digital bank with 13 million users, is close to applying for a banking license in the U.S.

INFORM’s RiskShield Helping Financial Service Providers Optimize Their Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financial Monitoring and Compliance

INFORM Software Corporation, a leading provider of AI-based optimization software that facilitates improved decision making, processes and resource management across diverse industries, reported strong feedback from banks, credit unions, insurance companies and payment processors regarding the performance of its RiskShield anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financial (CTF) monitoring solution.

How to perfect your fintech story and close your next funding round

As we debate the future of money, the usability of Decentralized Finance Applications and how bizarre it is that influencers can now create their own cryptocurrencies to gift or sell to their followers, fintech startups continue to emerge all over the place.

Rise Launches New App Xare to Empower Migrant Workers

rise, a financial services platform designed for expatriate workers, has launched ‘Xare’, a new product aimed at empowering more than one billion people worldwide to become their own bank. The free-to-use mobile app will enable anyone, anywhere, to instantly share access to their account and credit card with their friends and family while maintaining total control over spending and without sharing any sensitive information.

Citigroup backs fintech company Genesis

Citigroup Inc C.N has made a strategic investment in Genesis Global Technology Limited, a London-based startup that develops technology to make it cheaper and faster for financial firms to build applications such as trading systems, the companies said on Monday.

Deloitte: the fintech community must drive gender equality

A new report from Deloitte highlights that, despite some progress, women remain generally underrepresented in the fintech sector.

Top 5 LinkedIn profile optimization hacks for fintech professionals

Based on the number of members, the top 3 industries on LinkedIn are Financial Services, Higher education, and IT. With nearly 2 million users from the Finance industry alone, you cannot sideline LinkedIn as a prospect for getting hired and liaise with like-minded professionals to gain knowledgeable insights.

PPS partners with Vybe, the fintech for Generation Z

PPS, formerly PrePay Solutions, and subsidiary of Edenred, has announced its partnership with Vybe, the fintech dedicated to young people.

Razer Fintech and Visa unveil virtual card for millennials in Singapore

Razer Fintech, the financial technology arm of Razer, has collaborated with digital payments company Visa, to unveil a brand-new Visa prepaid solution – the Razer Card.

Fintech experts believe Covid-19 will drive sector growth despite immediate challenges

While some fintech players may struggle initially, many fintech leaders believe the pandemic will drive long-term sustainable growth of the fintech sector, according to a global survey of fintech experts.

Border-crossing and financial inclusion: The story of fintech in ASEAN

Fintech is booming in Singapore, a city known for being a global financial hub. The island city-state has received the lion’s share of funding in Southeast Asia over the past five years, and funding has only increased exponentially.

This is How Fintech Ensures Equal Access to Finance

Access to financial services is one of the most pressing issues of the modern days. In theory, the modern financial system provides a lot of opportunities and financial services, such as bank accounts, savings, credit, investment products, etc, but in reality larger populace of even most countries do not have access even to the very basic financial services. Investment is even worse in terms of accessibility.



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