Meet Daria, our new Recruitment Consultant!

We’re excited to welcome Daria to Payments & Cards Network! She is a new addition to our team as a Recruitment Consultant, focusing on freelance and project delivery services. She talks more about herself and her journey to PCN.


Can you tell us more about yourself?

I was originally born in Kazakhstan to Russian parents. I have a younger brother, Alexander and two lovely cats, Leo and Miessi. Leo is very sophisticated. Miessi likes to go on strike when she’s not receiving what she wants. Leo is Swedish, while Miessi is French. They all live with my parents in Luxembourg. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the University of Luxembourg and a Master’s degree in Negotiation of International Projects from the Paul Valery University in Montpellier.


Why did you choose to move from your home country to Amsterdam?

I originally moved to Amsterdam for an internship and was supposed to come back home as soon as it was finished. However, I like the atmosphere of the city so much, especially the sea of bikers, and decided to stay a bit longer.


Why did you choose to work at Payments & Cards Network and this position?

I fell in love with the job description as soon as I spotted it online. Then I proceeded to do some research on the company (website, LinkedIn, Instagram), which gave my positive feeling some roots. From my previous positions, I learned for myself that three aspects need to be present for me to be happy with my professional life:

  • Share the same values with the company
  • Be interested in what the company does
  • Work in a great team

PCN is manifesting all of them.


How did your previous experience help with your current job?

I have experience with Social Selling towards and with some big companies such as Microsoft, KLM, Philips… and operational experience within an oil company. I learned how to effectively address clients, partners, and potential leads in order to gain their attention and raise awareness for my company. I understand the goal of building a successful relationship should be them not only responding to my calls or emails, but also reaching out to me. I believe I can adapt that knowledge to this position and use it to the company’s advantage.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to eat and drink coffee. I try to discover a new coffee place every week and indulge in a nice cup and a delicious piece of cake. I also like going to the gym as it not only keeps me energized, but also suits as a motivator for having more cakes!



Feel free to connect Daria on LinkedIn!