PCN Magazine


Volume 6 - Issue 3
Oct, 2020
In this issue: - Thought Leadership by Dr. Scott Stornetta on the current technological emergence. - Startup Spotlight with Littlepay on their customer-centric approach revolutionising transit. - Thought Leadership with Agustin Rubini on the future of Venture Capitalism. - Research findings with Casey Potenzone from Nexway on the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce. - Thought Leadership with Mark Boyd on the fallacies of today's banking world. - Emerging Markets with GIFT and Malik Khan Kotadia on innovation for impact and inclusion. - Startup Spotlight with Fraudio and CEO Joao Moura, on defending payment ecosystems through AI.
Volume 6 - Issue 2
Jul, 2020
In this Edition: - Thought Leadership by Richard Turrin on China's CBDC, and by Nordic API Gateway on Breaking the Monopoly in payments. - Expert Interview with Nexway on Ecommerce and Covid-19. - Startup Spotlight on Trilo. - The coveted Fintech Watchlist on companies making disruptive waves. - Unfiltered Opinions from those in the industry trenches. - The latest fintech jobs, news, and upcoming events!
Volume 6 - Issue 1
Apr, 2020
Payments and Cards Network Magazine Volume 6 - Issue 1. Features Thought Leadership - on leadership by Steven Paul, Expert Interviews from Mooncard and MSTS on commercial cards and invoice financing during these uncertain times. A Startup Spotlight on Volt, making open-banking more accessible than ever, and an Emerging Market entry from Centbee on their approach to blockchain and potential for socio-economic upliftment.