Payments & cards magazine

Seamless Middle East Special Edition
volume 5 - issue 4
Apr, 2019
Startup Spotlight: Exclusive interview with

By Payments & Cards Magazine | Apr, 15 2019

We have the pleasure to interview Alessandro Rinaldi, Founder & CEO of in this special edition dedicated to Seamless Middle East.
Keeping pace in the evolving MEA payments market

By Payments & Cards Magazine | Apr, 14 2019

The Middle East and Africa is often reported as having one of the smallest payments markets in the world in terms of available services. Despite this, it is extremely fast-paced.
How customer demographics affect payments and merchants

By Payments & Cards Magazine | Apr, 13 2019

Have you considered how the payment options you offer - or don’t offer - may be affecting your sales and your relationship with customers?
Pains and remedies of modern-day reward programs

By Payments & Cards Magazine | Apr, 12 2019

Bashar Saleh, CEO of PointCheckout, discusses the pains and inefficiencies facing reward programs and their members while examining some solutions to those issues.
2019 technology trends: Six trends affecting our business and the security sector

By Payments & Cards Magazine | Apr, 11 2019

Axis Communications put forward 6 key technology trends that will have a significant impact on their business over the coming year and the security sector as a whole.
Attending companies at Seamless Middle East

By Payments & Cards Magazine | Apr, 9 2019

We provide a complete list of companies attending Seamless Middle East in Dubai.