Job Detail

Head Of Country Korea - POSITION CLOSED

Location: Asia > South Korea > Seoul
Work Type: Full Time
Salary: $100000 to $150000

Korea Sales Director & Country Manager

To lead the business expansion in the Korean market.

To implement and maintain standards, ethics, cultural values, policies, strategies and processes in a way that is both synergistic with Group concepts, while being aligned to local market practices and regulations / laws, with clear local leadership.

While functional staff (e.g. HR, IT, Quality and other operational teams) will handle tasks and activities that are of a day-to-day nature that impact local office dynamics and while these functional teams are managed on a global basis, these also require local leadership to be effective. This is especially the case for senior level guidance on complex matters and in the case of inherently transversal initiatives.

The job-holder must have a senior and respected profile, both internally and externally.

Strategic Objectives

  • In charge of business growth in Korea.
  • Ensure that the interests of the Group in relation to operational excellence in the target country are met
  • Ensure the local P&L (budget for the year and business plan) is defined and achieved while collaborating with global team (sales & marketing, BU VPps and support functions)
  • Ensure that the interests of local stakeholders (customers, partners and employees) are represented at Group level, particularly in relation to:
    • Effectiveness of support structures/ functions
    • Quality of employment experience
  • Ensure the Group adheres to all statutory, regulatory and legal frameworks that impact the target country, especially with reference to:
    • Financial
    • Data protection
    • Quality standards
    • Ethics
  • Ensure that employees in the target country have a productive, satisfying, collaborative and safe working environment, ensuring:
    • Group values
    • Integration with Global teams
    • Local team building/ spirit
    • Office location, environment and supplies
    • Support structures (HR, IT, …)


Expectations of the Role

The following points are considered in scope:

  • Sales and business development 
  • Establishing local business priorities
  • Collaborate with corporate marketing team to come out with marketing strategy 
  • Local day-to-day team management (under BU VPs, Global Sales Director or function support management responsibility linked to company matrix organization)
  • Provide inputs to and challenge Group functions in the definition of standards, ethics, cultural values, policies and processes
  • Define the local P&L (budget for the year and business plan) in collaboration with the local sales team, the Global sales director, the BU Vps and the support functions.
  • Take any action in collaboration with sales team, BU VPs and support function in order to achieve the local P&L.
  • Report on a monthly basis the P&L KPIs (revenue, Gross Margin, SG&A, EBITDA, CAPEX, headcount & turnover, DSO) and analysis including any local concerns.
  • Lead the implementation and maintenance of globally agreed standards, ethics, cultural values, policies, strategies and processes
  • Senior advocate and ambassador for the Group at a local level with employees
  • Alert Group leadership (Excom) of any risks, challenges, frictions that affect one or more areas in the group:
    • Operational factors such as employee turnover and lack of stability, dissatisfaction
    • Ancillary factors such as regulatory changes, country stability and environmental risks
  • Provide inputs to annual staff review processes and related processes / outcomes, including pay reviews, promotions and redundancies
  • Provide local leadership for the implementation of change processes, growth processes and cost optimization initiatives that affect / involve the country in question
  • Identify and propose needs for physical expansion, relocation of office and related issues; subsequently, lead execution efforts
  • Be consulted on local hiring decisions to ensure productivity of existing team is maximized and to manage situations where internal transfers of team members can provide a cost-effective solution to a staffing need
  • Get involved in the interview process locally, especially for mid to senior level team members
  • Be the internal spokesperson for Group communication initiatives
  • Lead local team building activities, including those that align to annual kick-off events and local festivities and observances
  • Have a significant and visible presence in the office to maintain a watchful eye in general
  • In charge of business growth in Korea
  • Effectiveness of support structures/ functions
  • Integration with Global teams
Reference Number: 7530
Profession:  Payments > Sales
Company:PCN APAC

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