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Chief of Staff

Location: USA > Canada > Toronto
Work Type: Full Time


§  Manage and triage workflow of the CEO, including: prioritize, delegate, and complete work on behalf of the CEO, attend meetings while documenting the process.

§  Add structure and process in all pursuits, increasing communication with the CEO, as well as across teams to ensure the business is running smoothly, as directed by the CEO.

§  Recommend new processes to create a more efficient workflow where you see opportunities with all departments of the business.

§  Drive business priorities from start to finish, executing special projects or initiatives on behalf of the CEO or the organization.

§  Create cohesion among teams and departments and connect the dots across the organization for improved alignment and engagement.

§  Act on behalf of the CEO for greater visibility and accessibility, working to prevent bottlenecking and promote decision-making when the CEO cannot be present.

§  Serve as a strategic thought partner, sounding board, and confidante, informing organization strategy and contributing to decision-making.

§  Manage projects, either internally or externally driven, to achieve the Company objectives on time and within budget.

§  Ad hoc reporting, including: research, project management, mapping, and planning when required.

§  Working alongside the CEO to develop and execute communication strategy, both internally and externally.

§  Scheduling priority meetings, attending with or in place of the CEO, taking notes, tracking meeting follow-ups, to-do lists and schedules, and preparing executives present for each meeting in advance.

§  Contribute to Company strategy by supporting the CEO.

§  Provide due diligence and advice on projects issued by the CEO.

§  Tracking high priority Initiatives on behalf of the CEO and identifying obstacles; communicating initiative and pulling other executives or team that are working on similar initiatives to collaborate.

§  Identifying and taking on ad hoc projects (example, executing key Initiatives or closing operational gaps).

§  Providing decision support through data gathering, Information analyzing, and presenting considerations to relevant stakeholders.

§  Drafting meeting notes, speeches, and or presentations for the CEO, as well as vetting speaking opportunities and meeting requests.

§  Assessing all inquiries directed to the executive and determining the proper course of action.

§  Determining which meetings take priority.

§  Traveling with executive to meetings, conferences or networking events.

§  Review, provide analysis and project manage any acquisition targets and complete transactions with the CEO.

§  Strategic sales support with direct and partnership channels on behalf of the CEO

§  Assist with managing, task completion and corporate development with processors and corporate partners.

§  Provide administrative and executive support to the CEO

§  Manage, organize and confirm all meetings in the CEO’s calendar

§  Keep the CEO informed regarding issues or problems to be resolved and retain the responsibility of ensuring points raised are in focus until resolved.

§  Participate in reoccurring morning meetings focused on planning for the day alongside the CEO.

§  Organize and maintain platforms on behalf of CEO

§  Support as needed in the planning and implementation of changes to the Company’s infrastructure, team structure and hierarchy, operational processes and tools, staying aligned to the vision, mission and values.

§  Work with our CEO when required on any strategic buyouts or mergers of other portfolios, supporting business growth as required.

§  Liaising with and updating external vendors and consultants around work product completion timelines and relaying this information. 

§  Coordinate the implementation, administration and signoff of Company policies as required.

§  Review in detail projects issued by CEO and perform background research, due-diligences and recommendations in order for the CEO to make good decisions.

§  Manage our offices and anything that relates to the operations and development of the office.

§  As required, analyze incoming and outgoing memoranda, submissions and reports and prepare and co-ordinate the preparation and submission of summary briefs and reports to executives, committees and boards of directors.

§  At times, called upon during evening or weekend hours to accommodate the needs of the executives

§  Work collaboratively with entire team on projects as per their 30-60-90-day schedules and distribute equal responsibilities amongst the team as well as delegate long-term projects as they come up for the benefit of the business.

§  Assist with managing important merchants to the business.

§  As required, prepare professional correspondence, presentations, documents and business reports using Word, Power Point and Excel.

§  Perform special projects as needed and other duties as assigned or requested.

§  Manage vendor, service provider and contractor partnerships.

§  Work with Human Resources and Marketing Consultants on ongoing projects, follow department budgets, process and policy changes.

§  On-boarding any new employees to the organization with training while provide strong employee experience


Key Performance Indicators and Special Projects

§  Successfully achieve all key performance indicators set out for the Chief of Staff role on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis and participate in updating the KPI scorecard for your role.



§  We look for diverse backgrounds and well-rounded experience. We seek individuals who exhibit curiosity for learning new things and can toggle between organizational details and big picture thinking. We applaud strong education, but it isn't our focus. Instead, we seek thinkers and doers who demonstrate real outcomes from their experience.

§  10+ years of senior level executive experience.

§  Completion of post-secondary education in business, public administration or in related discipline is required.

§  Intermediate level using Microsoft products

§  Strong attention to detail and accuracy are required. 

§  Ability to handle all business/personnel information in a calm, tactful and confidential manner, as well as the ability to exercise sound decision making and work independently.

§  Experience working in the financial services industry is considered an asset.

§  Easily liaises and interacts with all types of personalities, while maintaining professionalism and poise.

§  Top notch communication skills, as well as clerical, administrative and executive support skills. 

§  Able to cope with intensity in a fast-paced, dynamic and quickly changing environment.

§  Bright, personable, positive, highly motivated and driven for long term success.



§  Getting items crossed of the list with perfection and making daily progression

§  Decision making and judgment

§  Operational effectiveness and efficiency

§  Focus on retention

§  Customer experience

§  Cultural consistency

§  Project management

§  Presentation and accuracy

§  Communicate fearlessly

  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Execution
Reference Number: 10028
Profession:  Payment Service Providers (PSP) > Operation Manager
Company:Payments & Cards Network

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