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Retention Specialist

Location: USA > Canada > Toronto
Work Type: Full Time

Client and Portfolio Management

§  Quarterly follow up with clients and retrieval of statements to be submitted for audit to the Financial Analyst.

§  Proactively manage and act as a Portfolio Manager for client accounts, fielding service requests, troubleshooting as needed, and making recommendations based on their account.

§  Respond to customer queries via email and incoming calls while creating detailed tickets in the CRM for each interaction.

§  Keep the CRM up-to-date with current customer information and completed forms, including: copy of contract, primary contact information, address, phone numbers, signing officer, bank account details, general updates, DDA/DBA/tax information, void cheque, signing officer changes, etc. for client accounts.

§  Complete a monthly review on each client account to ensure all “Platinum Status” criteria are met, including maintaining processing volume, equipment updates, no collections, among other portfolio management criteria.

§  Consistently relay accurate account information to our billing team and work collaboratively to help achieve 100% billing accuracy for all client portfolios, reviewing monthly bill out and billing trends. 

§  Review client contracts set to expire and identify new auto renew dates and periods for portfolios.

§  Ongoing review of PCI/Security Metrics for compliance verification for all accounts.

§  Assist customers with PCI Compliance registration, enrollment and completion.

§  Conduct site visits for all clients (outside of the Top 40 accounts) at least twice a year.

§  Build great relationships with our clients by communicating fearlessly, ensuring quick response times, maintaining a positive client experience at all times and providing support to the Retention and Customer Service Departments.


Retention and Customer Success

§  Ongoing reach out to all clients under both portfolios at a minimum of once a quarterly to ensure their experience has been positive and answer any questions / concerns. Report on any client issues as needed.



§  Retrieve Daily Volume Report from our processors’ reporting tools to identify red flags that need to be addressed and forwarded to the Retention Department, as well as following up with the client to ensure portfolio retention.

§  Responsible for overseeing and distributing the monthly Operations Report to showcase retention rates, cancelled accounts, new accounts, lost revenue, team performance, ticket trends, partnerships and vendor reporting.

§  Oversee the reporting of retention statistics in collaboration with Customer Success Representative to be presented to CEO in bi-weekly meetings.


Key Performance Indicators and Special Projects

§  Successfully achieve all key performance indicators set out by the Operations Manager role on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis and participate in updating the KPI scorecard for your role.

§  Take ownership for any special projects that are assigned by the CEO, Chief Revenue Officer, Retention or Marketing and work collaboratively to ensure successful completion while making a positive impact on the business.



§  Minimum of 5 years of payments or financial services experience;

§  Post-secondary education in business or a related field;

§  Minimum of 4 years in a leadership role within a small to medium size company;

§  Strong customer-oriented mind-set – the benefit of the customer and your ability to craft win-wins with your customer is the mental space you inhabit!

§  Proven record of high retention of complex merchant portfolios

§  Ability to inspire colleagues into assisting you in your customer retention methods and goals

  • Retention
  • Customer Success
  • Payments Account Management
Reference Number: 10030
Profession:  Merchant Services > Customer Service
Company:Payments & Cards Network

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