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Product Manager

Location: Western Europe > The Netherlands > The Hague
Work Type: Full Time

They are looking for reinforcement in connection with the expansion of their services

for the team. Their new product manager will fully focus on developing new products. Through feedback from customers and insight into the current product portfolio.


They act as Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) PKI government certificates

out under license from the Dutch government. With this you can be qualified and

Sign documents electronically or identify yourself securely online. You register

once so that your identity can be checked. Then you can get started

with a special app on your smartphone and a self-selected pin code. The electronic

signature that you place has the same legal force as a signature with pen on paper. This makes their product unique in the market.


What makes the vacancy of product manager so challenging?


● Determining the correct product requirements (from commercial, compliance,

technical and organizational point of view).

● Drawing up a roadmap for realization.

● Making agreements with the teams that contribute to the realization,

further development and delivery of products.

● Coordinating the collaboration between these teams.


In the beginning you will find out that (at least) the following things need to be developed further


● Making their product ID suitable for organizations.

● Realizing a linked authentication service.

● Realizing authorization services.

● Developing an interface for customers for management and configurations.


Fortunately, you will see that there are already various designs for the product. An external

Development team is ready for you and has already realized various products.

However, the safety of the product always comes first.


How they work


They are a design driven organization. This means that they work from the

thought that we would rather have a headache beforehand, so that they can avoid stomach pain afterwards.

The new product manager is a systematic thinker who can bring all disciplines together. Auditability and compliance are important aspects of their services and provide added value for their customers. They therefore attach great value on good and smart documentation. Both about the process and about the product.


Service Management System is compliant with ISO27001 / ISO20000 with room for Agile working methods.


Their ideal candidate is someone who can do it all. Don't let this put you off;

the more you match this profile, the better. If there are things that you don't

score on, we would like to hear how you want to deal with this. And how they can help you with this


● You have knowledge of and experience with product development within a technological context;

● where compliance plays an important role;

● within a context of ISO standards and Agile / scrum working methods.

● You are enthusiastic about and have knowledge of digital identity.

● You are driven and you can motivate people to overcome the most difficult challenges together.

● PKI as a technology

● ID Management

● Auditing

● You know how to make a business case for a product, have ideas about it

pricing and a word of marketing.

● You can convince stakeholders and shareholders of your vision.

● You take ownership and look for solutions.

● You bring structure where necessary. You can furnish and perform and combine your

are flexible.


The new product manager:

● is responsible for product development, successful

introduction to the market and further development of the product portfolio on the basis

of the right priorities

● develops at the strategic level the vision of the product based on all

relevant developments in the public and private domain;

● develops a roadmap for further development that is in line with the wishes of

all stakeholders and the vision of the company;


● Involves all relevant resources within and outside the organization in the development

of solutions and creates support within all levels of the organization

for decisions regarding the (further) development of the product portfolio.

● acts at different levels, communicates excellently with diverse

disciplines and is the point of contact for substantive questions;

● evaluates the developed and designed products and assesses the quality;

● also ensures optimal availability and continuity of

services, products and infrastructures.

● is responsible for optimal product awareness within the organization.

Reference Number: 10462
Profession:  Fintech > Product
Company:Payments and Cards Network

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