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Full Time

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Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
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About the Client

Here we have a client which connects the traditional banks to the world of eCommerce! A fairly young company with a forward thinking initiative. Their strategy is to educate the traditional banks that they can be even more apart of the payment fintech boom and making them recognise the opportunities within. As well as educate them on the relevant regulations.

About the Job

Most payment related companies (whether it be merchant or Acquirers) need a Data Analyst. And it is becoming even more apparent that these companies require a Data Analyst specific to Fraud! Reason for this … most analysts in Risk are great at seeing the trends and patterns and then advising merchants how to continue on or to tweak some processes to better perform. But a Fraud Data Analyst can manipulate, mine and cleanse 1000s and 1000s of data in order to better present the trends and patterns needed to enhance merchant performance. This individual needs to be competent in a number of programming / analytical languages - SQL, R, Python, Tableau - if you do not know all of these, it is okay but a general understanding is preferred. Due to the demands from my clients partners, there is a large emphasis to push the projects that involve data integrity. Therefore, you will be expected to lead these projects.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What programming languages are you most experienced in?
  • Have you applied data analytics to solving fraud before?
  • What data analytic/integrity projects have you lead before?
  • When working on data projects, which departments do you work closely with?
  • Why do you think data intregity is so important to the fight against fraud?

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Must speak German
  • If you are a data wizz with 1 year of experience, then this is still very interesting for the client!

Talk to us

Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)