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Full Time

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Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
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About the Client

SME Lending / Factoring has become a niche within fintech in the last 10 years, and we continue to see more and more start-ups in this space.  Whether it be supporting specific industries or businesses in specific locations. This client is one of the first to succeed in this space and continues to grow in market value and geographical presence.

About the Job

Credit Risk analysis is nothing new, it has been ingrained in traditional finance for many years. But the way that it can be performed has evolved and we see this in the factoring business. The way data is used and manipulated has become a more crucial part of the business. Rather than hiring many employees to handle the abundance of cases which come in each day, why not develop a system which is time efficient and precise in its findings. Therefore as a credit analyst, you get to spend more time on the cases which require more attention. You will therefore be expected to work with large data sets and develop queries which allow you to contribute to the building of these new efficient models.

All the while performing the processes and the analysis that allow you to monitor portfolio status, quality and growth as well as verifying the underwritten cases that come in. Another main part of this role will be to ensure your systems are working effectively and that your portfolio is enriched with quality. You will therefore be expected to perform frequent stress testing. The team itself, isn’t the largest but it is full of very knowledgeable people and therefore this is a fantastic place to learn and develop yourself in the fintech space.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • In what markets have you conducted Credit Analysis?
  • What do you believe are the bigget challenges facing SME Lending / Factoring organisations?
  • What processes would you make more efficient in Credit Analysis?
  • What has been the largest risk that you have unvailed in a portfolio?
  • How often do you use Data Analytical programmes to perform Risk Analysis?

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Must be willing to live and work in Berlin, Germany.
  • You must be a competent user in SQL. If you know R and Python then this is considered a plus
  • Speaking German would be considered a plus

Talk to us

Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)