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Full Time

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Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
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About the Client

As we all know there are new PSPs popping up everyday but sometimes the originals have the best solutions and can be the best at taking care of local and cross border transactions. Our client is a global PSP with offices present in all major continents. The idea behind this PSP is to give it’s customers an easily integrated API for all payments methods as well as keep speedy and frictionless payments at the forefront of their mission. To stay on top and to continue to grow, our client needs to expand its underwriting team because at the end of the day if the underwriting team finds loopholes in potential / existing merchants then this can decide whether the PSP continues to process through them or not.

About the Job

The main focus of this Underwriter position is to educate the business as effectively as possible on the potential risks that occur with onboarding a new merchant or continuing to process through an existing merchant. Should some financials not stack up or a group of transactions look suspicious or whether the backlinks to the merchant's website can be damaging to the PSP’s image….the PSP will need to know - so remember to update the right people these types of events! The focus will be within Europe as this is the major portfolio at the moment. Within this region you will be expected to work closely with the Operations team as well as the Sales teams … obviously sales guys are going to come to you wanting to process all their possible clients but remember to always have an open view to the portfolio and calculate risk with clear, reasonable and understood variables.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Have you worked as an underwriter before? If so, was it in Payments or another field?
  • How conversative are you as an underwriter?
  • Do you have examples of when you have taken on a High Risk merchant and it has paid off? What was High Risk about it?
  • What general KYC / Due Diligence practices do you think should be put in place for a Payments Risk department?
  • How do you cope with the pressure from sales teams?
  • How closely have you worked with some of the major Card Schemes? (Mastercard / Visa)

Things to keep in mind

  • 3 - 5 years experience in Payments and / or Fraud
  • Extensive Analytical skills / Attention to Detail

Talk to us

Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)