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This Programme Manager (or Program Manager) will lead a comprehensive transformation and change program that lasts until 2022.

The aim is to unite the management organization, now divided over three units into an agile Infrastructure organization with self-managing teams that are end-to-end responsible for services they provide. This takes place from a number of themes: employee & organization, architecture, information security, technology & implementation and product portfolio.

The program will implement this by means of projects, organization changes, employee development, establishments of various committees, tasks, powers and responsibilities. These changes take place in the context and together within the overall program.

You take control of activities and projects that lead to changes in management, organization and processes. You set different bodies for steering and implementation with tasks, powers and responsibilities. You make proposals that lead to necessary changes in attitude and behavior and competencies. Based on the vision that the line organization is responsible for the implementation of the changes, you manage and coordinate projects and activities around the five themes. Products and services from the program are thus secured in line so that they can also be further developed.

You bundle independent Infrastructure related initiatives in the organization and bring them under the control of the program. You formulate and monitor the scope and ensure coherence and prioritization which managing expectations.


Background assignment:

The Company strives to be a partner for its customers in digitizing the primary processes and to develop into an expert on digital support for these customer processes. All this working on generic platforms and infrastructures, delivered by an organization with platform and infrastructure teams. This organization provides a high availability, safe, standardized and flexible infrastructure and platform services that ensure the continuity of the services agreed with the customers.

To achieve this situation, the Infrastructure organizations needs to take steps in the area of ??organization, processes, management, technology and culture in both the short and the long term. In the short term to solve the current bottlenecks, in the long term to contribute to the realization of the mission and vision. The management is supervised by a program manager who reports to the program board.


Job requirements:

  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with leading or managing organization development programs in ICT organizations
  • Demonstrable skill in creating support, disseminating program objectives and stakeholder management
  • Demonstrable knowledge of program management methods and techniques
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience of change management


Competences Required:

  • Management-sensitive
  • Networking
  • Organizational sensitivity
  • Networking and organizing
  • Motivate
  • Creativity
  • Decisive


Knowledge Requirements:

Demonstrable knowledge and experience with LEAN, Agile and Scrum methodologies. Experience within (national) government organizations where ICT support essential in the primary process (finance, telecom, oil, central government etc.).

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Andrew Mullineux - Business Leader Contracts

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Andrew Mullineux, Business Leader - Contracts
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)