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A Product Owner who will manage the backlog and priorities of the Securities

The Product Owner is responsible for the definition of the stories, the prioritization of the team backlog and the organization of the execution of the program's priorities, while he / she watches over the conceptual and technical integrity of the features / elements for which the team is responsible.  The Product Owner plays an important role for quality and is the only team member that can judge whether the stories are ready or not.

NOTE the language requirements: English, Dutch and French needs to be FLUENT.


Required Experience / Knowledge

  • At least 5 years in a securities/invest environment – you must be familiar with the whole Securities Handling environment of a (retail) bank
  • Understanding of securities lifecycle
  • Experience in end-to-end securities processes
  • Fiscal regulation on investment services (securities)
  • Knowledge of Agile project methodology
  • Knowledge of market suppliers : Brokers, Custodians, Data providers


An exciting and challenging position working for a large financial organisation undertaking a major transformation.


If you are interested in discussing it further please contact me directly.

Andrew Mullineux - Business Leader Contracts

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Talk to us

Andrew Mullineux, Business Leader - Contracts
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)