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Full Time

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Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, Commercial Director
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About the Client

Our client is one of Europe’s largest eCommerce merchants who can be considered more a tech company than anything else. They have been building their own in-house payments platform in order to facilitate their needs and are currently looking for someone who can help build their intelligent risk management system. By offering the optimal mix of payment options to each customer in an online shop, customer convenience and conversion is maximised while fraud risks are minimised at the same time.

You are responsible for developing innovative ideas and for defining the features of this new checkout product. You will work with highly specialised data science and software engineering teams on problems that are both challenging and have the highest impact on both customer satisfaction and sales numbers. 


About the Job

  • You will make a significant contribution to changing the company and improving the lives of your customers - day by day.
  • Engage with key stakeholders (Business/Technical) to assure adherence of Roadmap with the company strategic objectives.
  • Deeply understand our client’s product vision and strategies, as well as define the mission and objectives of the checkout product.
  • Define and manage the timelines for the product.
  • Represent the program to the broader company and be responsible for its execution and
  • performance.
  • Perform opportunity analyses to define hypotheses for new features, measuring success
  • against clearly defined goals and metrics.
  • Integrate usability studies, user research, market analysis, and community feedback into
  • product requirements to ensure products satisfy customer needs.
  • Collect inputs, facilitate collaboration and creatively solve problems.
  • Converge ideas into development plans.
  • Develop and evolve a process that fits the team.
  • Contribute to product roadmaps and communicate the outcomes of your product work.
  • Develop clear plans for product features via specifications and timelines.
  • Respond to feedback and negotiate trade-offs. 


About You

  • Master of multiple domains: Can you bridge the natural divide between business and technology? Can you understand the commercial strategy behind your product and discuss the EBIT impact of a new feature with your commercial colleagues? Great! Can you also do user research and product discovery to get to the right user stories that really give our customers what they need (and not just what they want)?
  • Analytical communicator: Are you a great communicator? Can you really get to the bottom of what users need? Can you ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aware of the product’s progress? Great! But do you also bring the analytical skills and rigor to analyse large sets of data to evaluate opportunities and make well-founded product decisions?
  • Thoughtful pragmatist: Can you get things done? Can you bring together all the input you have collected from interviews and data to help the team decide what to build? Don’t waste your own time with too much research but don’t jump to conclusions too fast either; development capacity is a very precious resource.
  • Effective networker: Our client believes in autonomous teams that can own and drive topics without much central steering. They rely on people talking to each other to identify interdependencies, sources of mutual value, but also potential conflicts. How fast can you build your personal network to add value to right discussions and make sure that you leverage synergies and see opportunities? Will people come to you as a thought partner and natural collaboration partner?
  • Continuous learner: Do you have the passion and drive to keep on top of all of the product innovations out there and to keep refining your toolset? Will you be able to work on very different products as your career progresses? E-Commerce is changing fast and so is our client. Will you keep up? 


Talk to us

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, Commercial Director
+31 203 030 257