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Full Time

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Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, Commercial Director
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About the Client

Our client is one of Europe’s largest eCommerce merchants who can be considered more a tech company than anything else. They have been building their own in-house payments platform in order to facilitate their needs and are currently looking for someone who can help build their intelligent risk management system. By offering the optimal mix of payment options to each customer in an online shop, customer convenience and conversion is maximised while fraud risks are minimised at the same time.
Starting with a flawless user experience in the checkout over the processing of the payments to reconciliation in the backend, they cover the entire financial process to boost conversion and deliver a competitive advantage to their customers through smart risk steering. They create and operate the next generation of truly intelligent payment risk management systems.


About the Job

  • As Product Lead Payments, you lead a team of product specialists to shape the next generation of our client’s payment risk management products.
  • You will lead product development by driving the whole development cycle from discovery/ ideation to delivery.
  • You will be responsible for laying out the product vision in close collaboration with the Head of Revenue Management, to communicate it to engineering teams, stakeholders and management, and to ensure and maintain an efficient agile development process.

What Excites You?

o You want to make your mark at one of Europe’s most successful tech companies.

o You enjoy combining business knowledge with customer insights and state-of-the art technologies.

o You’re passionate about creating high-impact user experiences that make customers’ lives better.

o You want to benefit from the market-defining knowledge and scale of resources that only a firm of this scale can offer.

Your success is measured by the following key objectives:

o Change customers’ lives: Whether you’re creating a mobile app or taking our client’s risk management systems to the next level so that they can afford to make payments more seamless, your contributions make a huge and lasting positive impact. 

o Become one with your product: You own it, you drive it, you make it successful against all odds — but with lots of support. 

o Become part of something bigger: Product Leads are the senior members of our client’s Product Management team and live their leadership values for the greater good.

o Leadership: You inspire and coach your team to greatness.


About You

  • You are the master of multiple domains: You bridge the gap between business and technology; you have an analytical mind and a thorough understanding of what can be achieved with advanced methods like machine learning and AI — while always keeping the customer’s point of view at top of mind.
  • You are a hands-on visionary: You think big, craft compelling visions for your ideas, and understand what makes your products commercially viable (or not).
  • You also take a handson approach to product discovery, user research, storytelling and backlog prioritization.
  • You are a thoughtful pragmatist: You get things done, make sound decisions under pressure, and resolve issues effectively. 
  • You are friendly, but tough: People enjoy working with you because you communicate well and evoke optimism, even when you’re delivering difficult news.
  • You are a leader and coach: You attract the best product specialists to your team.

Talk to us

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, Commercial Director
+31 203 030 257