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Full Time

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Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
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About the Client

Everyone is prioritising convenience more and more especially when it comes to food! Companies focussing on food / takeaway delivery has shot up in the last few years and with that they have had to quickly adjust to all the needs of their customers. In the way of which products they offer but also the payment methods that need to be available for that quick, no hassle, secure process.

About the Job

When you are operating a global remit, you need to be aware of all the possibilities and preferred options in those areas. This role entails in depth analysis of all payment operations for this merchant across the globe and this therefore mean evaluating partnerships, processes and technology to either align or increase efficiency. There will also be occasions where you will need to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and have processes in place which allow you to handle and solve this. Although you won’t have the final sign off on agreements, you will still be a fundamental part of the process when defining partnerships and strategies relating to payments. Therefore the stakeholders you will be working with will be both internal and external.

Key Questions to ask yourself

  • Which payment/acquiring partners are you most familiar with?
  • Which payment methods are you most used to working with?
  • Which analytical / programming languages are you most fluent in (such as SQL)?
  • Do you have experience of drastically increasing Acceptance / Conversion rates? What were the results?
  • When have you performed in depth analysis to analyse partnerships and processes? Why did you need to perform the analysis?

Things to keep in mind

  • Experience in Payments is an absolute must. Fraud is beneficial
  • Experience with analytical programmes such as SQL are a plus (and almost a must ;))

Talk to us

Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)