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We are looking for an Information Analyst, to work within banking in Amsterdam. You will be advising on ICT solutions for problems or change needs of the business that can be solved through automated information provision.

General tasks

  • Providing insight into the needs and requirements of the stakeholders
  • Provide solution alternatives and give advice for a solution proposal
  • Advising and guiding the customer on realization, implementation, system and acceptance tests, system evaluation and training programs
  • Co-shaping a project proposal, project initiation document, project work plan and project start architecture
  • Making the ICT component of the existing business process, work processes and information provision transparent
  • Providing insight into the existing applications, components, system functions, interfaces, data files, databases and infrastructure that the automated information provision
  • Performing problem analysis to clarify the underlying question.
  • Making the required information provision concrete and transparent, by defining and designing information provision functions, information needs, information exchange and logical data structures
  • Designing or making adjustments for the required information provision. This is for customization and / or preferably package software solutions


  • Knowledge of administrative organizations and business functions.
  • Ability to apply methods and techniques for modeling the business architecture, business processes, ICT architecture and ICT processes. The IA is able to make the link with and the translation to the functional and data models.
  • Being able to apply tools and techniques (automated or manual) that can be used to record and understand the structure, the connections and the use of information within the organization (simulation tool).
  • Being able to apply Application development methods, techniques and standards.
  • Being able to apply current data modeling and design tools.
  • Being able to apply methods and techniques focused on planning and control in projects.
  • Being able to apply fact-finding techniques (eg statistical analysis methods).
  • Knowledge of the ICT field, in particular on function related aspects.
  • Minimum 4 years experience as an information analyst.
  • Knowledge of and experience with analysis and design of data warehouses.


If this Information Analyst position is appealing to you, please respond to me directly and send a copy of your CV for review in the first instance.


Andrew Mullineux - Business Leader Contracts

Tel: +31 (0) 203 030 257   

Talk to us

Andrew Mullineux, Business Leader - Contracts
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)