Global Fraud Product Partnerships Manager




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North West Rhineland

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Full Time

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Keir Lyon Fraser, Headhunter I Cyber Security
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About the Client

The payments space is a highly competitive industry and now as of this year and last the fraud prevention space is becoming even more competitive. We are seeing many large PSPs acquire / invest in leading tech fraud prevention parties. Reason for this being is that payments and fraud are closely linked but involve 2 very different methodologies and technologies. With fraud prevention companies generally focussing on credit scoring and fraud risk scoring with technologies such as machine learning, AI, behavioural analytics, device finger printing etc.

These systems need to be easily integratable into many payments models and therefore this makes the third party fraud providers advanced users in tech and vision.

The client I am recruiting for here has seen the opportunity within the fraud prevention space and has branched away from it’s comfort zone in financial services and is out there to best service it’s ecommerce clients.


About the role

This role is a combination of technical know-how and commercial nous. The client has it’s own fraud offering and looks to better that at every opportunitiy. However, the client believes that it should not be all about developing their inhouse solution in order to best serve the client. It should also be about seeking collaborative partnerships with other fraud prevention third party providers. This means buying into the competition … or does it? The attitude here is that if another company can best service their merchants needs, then why would you not want to work out the best solution for them together!

Therefore the role is about overseeing the development of the inhouse product and getting that to the best level it can be at. But also to build relationships with other third party providers that you believe are in a better position to support some of your merchants.

After all, trying to everything at once is likely to reduce your quality.


Things to keep in mind

  • Speaking German is a massive plus
  • If you have worked for a merchant and a service provider, then this is also considered a large plus



Talk to us

Keir Lyon Fraser, Headhunter I Cyber Security
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)