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Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
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About the Client

Our client is a major player is the eCommerce market and has recently developed an outstanding payments platform. To complement this they are developing a high-tech risk-scoring fraud-solution system. All of the development is going to be organic and therefore a huge opportunity for anyone looking for a challenge in which they can put their mark on an epic fraud solution. The company itself supports the retail industry and has an array of payment methods on offer suited to many different regions and countries.

About the Job

Data is more or less how every fraud prevention tool is built these days. The integrity of the data is essential to a state-of-the-art successful solution. Hereby, our client is searching for a Product Analyst (if you have experience within fraud then that is a plus). In this instance the Product Analyst will be fluent in SQL and have a knowledge of the likes of R, Python and Google Analytics. You will be involved from start to end (although there will always be continuous adaptations as fraudsters find news way to attack the market). Since you will work across the Product LifeCycle you will be expected to analyse user behaviour (via internal or external data) in order to construct plans of how to improve or enhance the product’s performance. You will therefore work closely with the engineering and product team, in order to translate the message of what the features should/could be to tackle the attack of fraudsters. Again, this is an all-for-one, one-for-all approach.

Key questions to ask yourself

  • Which IT languages are you fluent in?
  • What products have you previously developed or assisted in the developing of?
  • Have you previously built a fraud solution - if so, what was it? How did you go about it?
  • How comfortable are you with handling big data ? (How many lines for example)
  • What do you believe are the main threats of fraud to the retailer industry?

Things to keep in mind

  • 3+ years relevant payment fraud experience
  • Previous Product Management / Development / Ownership is a must (within Fraud / Payments is a plus)

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Sam Spall, Headhunter - Risk, Fraud & Compliance Specialist in Payments/Fintech
+31 203 030 257
(0830 - 1830)