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Lucas Schweiger, Headhunter - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Specialist
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About the Client

Our client is one of the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency security solution providers, who have made a name for themselves through providing a trust layer between the blockchain system and the physical world. Their security devices designed to keep private keys safe and out of reach from hackers as well as their encrypted chips technology, hardware security modules, hardware wallets, and hardware oracles makes them a powerful pioneer in the security development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To date, they have sold over 50,000 units of their products in approximately 135 countries, and in the phase of scaling up for 2017. Headquartered in Paris, our client also has an office located in San Francsico.

About the Job

Our client is looking for a backend developer for the development and monitoring of service applications publishing high-performance APIs.

  • Audit and build on the current tech-stack
  • Conduct benchmarks to identify bottlenecs
  • Creation of the software architecture of the blockchain explorer
  • Develop a tech-stack to explore the contents of a blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero…)
  • Optimize the overall performance of the application
  • Develop blockchain abstraction technology to integrate new technologies
  • Set up a monitoring service for server applications to detect abnormal failures / behavior
  • Set up a continuous integration service to deploy / test the blockchain explorer

About You

  • +4 years in engineering or related field
  • Passionate about performance
  • Control of systems *nix
  • Being able to work on both high level technologies (python, java, scala…) and low level (C/ C ++)
  • Experience working on REST APIs and continuous integration solutions
  • Capable of self-training and monitoring of backend-oriented technologies
  • Good knowledge of git
  • Having a strong attraction for cryptocurrencies and wanting to work closely with blockchain technology
  • Knowledge of graph-oriented databases is a plus

Talk to us

Lucas Schweiger, Headhunter - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Specialist
+31 20 3030 257
(0830 - 1830)