Interview Spotlight: Tips for Candidates & Clients from our Commercial Director

Today I sat down with Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, our Commercial Director. We spoke about the growth of The Payments & Cards Network as well as advice for candidates, clients and recruiters trying to begin their career. Rogier got his bachelor’s degree in economics and his MSc in Finance. He originally planned to be a trader but after doing market research for Dutch companies in India he realized his interest was in sales. After beginning his job search, he got in contact with our founder, Jordan Lawrence, as a potential candidate. Jordan instead offered him a role with Payments & Cards Network and they began to develop the market and work on growing the company.  

Rogier_PCNRogier (center) with Payments & Cards Network colleagues
  What goals did you set when getting Payments & Cards Network off the ground? We wanted to do business, and our goals were fairly simple—make money and expand the company. I was interested in the opportunity to be a manager and help grow PCN. What do you want for the company as we continue to expand? I’d like to see the current office vibe stay the same. I like to see people on the phone, making deals. I like to see happy people having fun with each other. I enjoy working with co-workers who get along and like each other. Can you share a memorable experience you have had here? I like our Friday afternoon boat rides, where we go bar hopping by boat with the whole team. Also, I enjoyed our incentive trip to Croatia, and our lunch club lunches are always legendary. What tips would you give to someone trying to find a job in the current market? Don’t give up, keep trying. People tend to get let down by rejection easily and shy away but there’s always a creative way to find success, for everybody. Why should clients and candidates work with a recruiter? For clients, your recruiter saves you time, gets rid of a lot of hassle, helps you find people who aren’t actively looking that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. They can keep in touch with candidates for you—it’s efficient. On the other hand, for candidates, you have one point of contact who knows the company and has a direct connection with people working there. Say you had an interview and haven’t heard from them for two weeks—a recruiter can assist you in following up and can fill the gap for you. They can communicate for you to ask questions, and they ask the right people. We’re currently growing our team here. What makes someone an ideal candidate to work at Payments & Cards Network? What do you want to see on their CV? I’d want to see someone genuine, willing to go the extra mile. I'm looking for someone who can turn their setbacks around and can easily connect with people on different levels. For their CV, I’d like to see their job history not in reverse chronological order and I’d want to see their responsibilities and achievements listed for their roles rather than just tasks they did every day. Do you have any advice or guiding words that help you work? I read recently “You’re the biggest enemy of your own success” and I think that’s true. Never give up. Which aspects of working at PCN do you like? I like that I actually enjoy going to work, I like the industry and our team. I enjoy that no day is ever the same--you’re dealing with stakeholders with different interests, and it’s intrinsically a dynamic job with a lot of challenges.