Interview Spotlight: The Career Path of a Recruiter

Hielke Heida is a recruiter here at Payments & Cards Network. He grew up in the small village of Dronrijp with his parents and older brother and sister. Next, he moved to Leeuwarden for secondary studies which he capped off with a year-long experience in Argentina where he learned to speak fluent Spanish. Afterwards he started his HBO in commercial economics and lived for a stint in Valencia. Later he worked as a football referee in a professional league for seven years.  He also worked at a company doing import/export trading. Eventually, Hielke left, traveled the world and ended up with Payments & Cards Network through a contact in common with Rogier, our commercial director. Today we sat down to talk about how his previous work influenced his work now as a recruiter and his thoughts on working with clients and candidates.

First, can you tell me some of the things you enjoy doing living here in Amsterdam?
In my free time I enjoy running, playing soccer and occasionally doing some yoga. I enjoy being outside, seeing films and going to parks on a sunny day.
You’ve had some interesting jobs before this one. So, what skills do you apply to your current job as a recruiter that you acquired from other jobs?
Well, I think creating contact with clients and building up relationships are things I learned from previous jobs. And the little details like what to say to and how to work in sales. I learned that sometimes you need to take a punch to get to the next level, to put in hard work and effort. Being a referee, I learned to never stop or give up and to have a thick skin. You can't get demotivated by a ‘No’. Business takes time—it’s about the long run. In terms of skills I learned determination, hard work, putting in long hours and not being afraid to pick up the phone.
What do you enjoy about working here?
I like that it’s a young company, we’ve got a good atmosphere.  We work together and we’re always helping each other. I like that we don’t have a hierarchy, we all are growing and have space to develop. HielkeHeida_Interview
Hielke at the beach in Tulum, Mexico
What’s a favorite memory at PCN?
My first deal—that was really nice. It was a tough one so it was a special moment to close it.
As we continue to expand what kinds of coworkers do you hope to have?
I want to work with people who are open indeed, in good atmosphere. We want to work with people who like to have fun, have a nice personality and our same work ethic. It’s important as we grow to understand—the more people, the more personalities. And we want to all fit well together.
What do you wish you could tell candidates and clients?
I wish that clients would consider more having exclusivity with one recruitment agency. I think sometimes people think “more agencies means more chances”. But I believe if you work with one good company you trust then you get more focus, and more commitment. If a candidate is contacted by other agencies in a way that isn’t professional, then that’s the one chance that’s gone. There’s only one chance to make a good impression on a great candidate. In this case, less really is more.
Why is working with a recruiter good for clients and candidates?
For the candidate, we’ll do the work. We will prep them,  introduce them, and make sure they get info on the interview and who they’ll meet. Really, we accompany them through the process and increase their chance to get the job. For a client, all we really need from them is for them to stay in touch with us, to tell us what they need. We take care of everything else, we sift through the people and invest our time, we headhunt for them too to find them the right person.