Interview Spotlight: Talking Recruitment & the City with Sam Spall

Sam grew up just south of London where he enjoyed going to festivals, playing football and getting involved in the music scene. Although he was a reluctant student at first, he proved himself throughout his experience in college and ended up pursuing his university degree in Business Economics in Portsmouth, where he graduated with top marks. Next, he took an analytics job in London for a recruitment company. In fact, this is how he became familiar with the recruitment world and what led him to take a job in recruitment in Amsterdam. He took a short break to pursue his passion for travelling and then came back to the city. Upon return, mutual friends led him to an interview with Payments & Cards Network.

Tell me what you like to do in your free time here in Amsterdam

There’s so much to do! This city is really awesome, there are lots of places to go out and to eat too. In my spare time I assist record labels with with promotions and events. One thing I still can't get over is how vibrant yet peaceful the city is. In 10 minutes I can be in the countryside or in the hussle bussle of a major European city. But most of all there is biking!
Sam adventuring in Colombia

What did your previous jobs teach you that you now use in Recruitment?

I’ve had a few jobs before recruitment; catering, retail and even roofing, to name a few. All those jobs required working with people, which I like doing. I think to be a good salesperson you really need to like people, you need to be able to show that you care and that you’re the right person to work with. That means being a good listener, being clear and knowing when to listen and when to speak.

What do you like about being a recruiter here at PCN?

Firstly, the environment. This isn’t an easy job so it’s important to have a workplace that’s enjoyable. I don't need to wear a tie and be pressured to hit targets to be motivated to do this job. I have the inner drive to succeed already. And I want to be able to work hard and work with people who know what they’re doing and have the confidence to try new creative styles. We are actively encouraged to show this. We all have our own style and a lot of drive. It’s a real good mix which makes for a great working environment.

Is there something you wish you could communicate with your clients?

Please listen-it isn't one way traffic. I know the traditional recruitment game, I know what it can be about and I do my very best to not operate in that way. I can assure you that the reason for my contact is because I genuinely feel I can help you. There are many vacancies out there which I could help you with but I believe that you will truly see the value in my services when you are in real need (having difficulty finding a particular candidate, due to location, skill set etc). Not to mention we can take of negotiations and manage the process. And one more thing, when working without an agency. Clients should have more empathy towards their applicants. Don’t send them automated emails or make them wait weeks for feedback on an application. Call them up even if it takes the extra time. It will do wonders for your image. Not only for yourself but the company too.

Who do you want to see as new coworkers as we continue to expand?

People with positive attitudes. I want to work with people who understand how to let out frustration well instead of dwelling on it. Innovation is also key. Despite recruitment often having repetitive duties, to make yourself standout you must be innovative. Finally, be proactive, be realistic, accept defeat as it comes, regroup and move forward.