Interview Spotlight with Sam

Talking Recruitment and Opportunity with Sam O'Brien

Sam O’Brien joined us at Payments & Cards Network in 2016 to head up our Irish Market and work with the UK team. He started his career in Finance after getting a Master's Degree in Financial Economics. After getting his Master’s, Sam worked as an Investment Analyst for a wealth management firm in Dublin. His path then led him to Amsterdam where he joined our team. Since moving here, he's been exploring the city and visiting other European cities. Today we sat down to talk about his experiences here at Payments & Cards as well as his thoughts on Recruitment.

How did you find your way to our team here at PCN?

Well I knew after my girlfriend and I moved to the Netherlands that I wanted to find a job in Business development, Recruitment or sales. Something in that space. So I looked around, and interviewed a few places but I ended up choosing Payments & Cards Network because of the vibe. I liked the startup feel. And it’s been as I expected. A laid back environment where you work for yourself and have an impact on what’s happening in the company. We’re a young company and it’s a wise time to join up here. We’ve got exciting things planned and it’s a great time to be able to join and contribute to the path of the company. [caption id="attachment_5500" align="aligncenter" width="402"]recruitment Sam on one of his trips[/caption]

What do you focus on here?

I think a really cool aspect of my job is networking with Senior people. I have direct access to industry leaders. That only helps strengthen my own business acumen and it gives me a way to contribute and learn about the industry. Most jobs won’t give you instant access to C-Level professionals in your first month. That's invaluable to create networks and learn. At work, I focus on the Irish and UK markets. One cool thing about working within this field is that I keep learning about new verticals. For example, I am working right now with a lot of Sr. Marketing Directors. Hearing their strategies and learning about how they work with PSPs is great, it’s adding a lot to my knowledge and building up a network even outside of my UK and Irish focus.

What do you think prepared you for Recruitment? What would you hope to see in the next wave of people joining us?

I’d say dealing with Sr. level people, seeing how corporations function and how a growing team works was helpful for me before coming here. I got to see from the other side, in the Finance world how big businesses work. For people thinking of getting into Recruitment here, I’d say I hope they’re ambitious, intelligent with a nuanced manner of thinking, and not looking for something super corporate. And most of all really excited about both sales and contributing to to other areas of this company. Any experience helps of course. Being on the other end of the job hunt can give you insight. But most of all it’s having the right attitude. So, being at your very core excited about Recruitment is so important—the skills can come later. Connect with Sam O'Brien Here  | by Layla Durrani