Interview Spotlight: Speaking Recruiter Career Path + Advice with Anna

Anna Yakimets is one of the newest members of our team and focuses on Pre-Sales + Integration Recruitment. She was born in Russia and by the age of sixteen, decided she wanted to move abroad. So, she applied to different universities and came to the Netherlands for her degree in Business/Managerial Economics. She found the mentality of the people and the great public systems in place appealing as well as the opportunities for expats here. After graduating, she moved a few times, with an exchange in Mexico, an internship in Spain and work as a Legal Recruiter in Hungary. In time, after her travels, she realized the Netherlands is where she wants to be and she moved back to the Netherlands earlier this year to work as a Recruiter here at Payments & Cards Network .

What do you like to do here in Amsterdam in your free time?

I love to learn new languages, take dance classes and I’m into extreme sports like snowboarding, paragliding and wake-boarding. And of course I like to go out with friends here in Amsterdam.

What led you to becoming a Recruiter here at Payments & Cards Network?

I started as an intern at a legal recruitment firm in Budapest. I took the opportunity without knowing too much about recruitment but as I continued, I realized this is what I want to do. What I enjoy about being a Recruiter is I can combine marketing and sales in this job. So, I decided to go for it. After a year as a legal recruiter, I wanted a more fast paced industry. Something less traditional. This is the start of my career so I looked into which industry I find interesting and ecommerce is booming. With this in mind, I saw the opportunity at Payments & Cards online and I was intrigued. So I applied. Things move fast here and I think people in this industry are more relaxed than in legal, maybe more approachable. I like that I get to do more business development here as well. There’s so much to learn. In my old position, I did Business Development but more of my focus was on the candidates. And here I get to work with both candidates and clients. I build client relationships and I’m more independent. Here I can establish my own path. [caption id="attachment_4696" align="aligncenter" width="498"]Recruiter Anna in Budapest[/caption]  

The job market can be overwhelming and daunting. What advice do you have for young people looking for a job?

I’d say you have to prepare for the interview. See who this company is, make sure you communicate with them what your vision is so your employer can see what you’ll do when working for them. And make sure you find an industry you’re interested in, that you want to be around and involve yourself in. A place where you want to grow. Don’t just apply for any job you see, make sure you could see yourself working there. In the interview process, be honest with your employer. Don’t oversell yourself just to get the job. People don’t expect you to be perfect, but lying will come out in the end, even if you do get the job. And in terms of the application process, make sure you proofread your cv and application. Little errors add up and it doesn’t look good in this era of auto-correct and spellcheck to have mistakes all over your CV or cover letter. One more thing! Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and relevant. Recruiters and employers are out there and may be looking for graduates or young people for roles. You want to be considered and having a professional and updated profile will make that possible.