Interview Spotlight: Chatting Marketing and Next Moves with Duc

Duc Dang was born in Hanoi and moved to Germany when he turned three. He spent his youth in Eastern Germany. When he turned 12 years old, he and his family moved to Hamburg, where he enjoyed the multiculturalism and friendliness of his new city. He took a gap year in Australia before going to university. His time spent working in Australia further formed him into the person he is today. He enjoyed the independence, work and travel. After his gap year, Duc worked in media for a publishing house where he learned a lot about marketing. He worked on the publishing process and learned how the print world operates. Later, he further honed his skills with his degree in Media Entertainment management in Leeuwarden. His move to the Netherlands led him to Payments & Cards Network. Here, he now works with our Marketing team as our Marketing Manager.

What do you like to do in Amsterdam?

When it isn’t too cold, I really like to spend time getting lost in the city. I like exploring, sitting by canals and meeting my friends. There’s such a great bar and food scene in this city. Amsterdam has many hidden gems that you can find the longer you stay. Of course if you visit as a tourist, you think ‘it’s so small’. But there’s so much to find when you spend the time. I really appreciate the laid back attitude of the Dutch, it goes well with my take on work-life balance. So, that's something that’s important to me.

How did you end up at PCN and what do you enjoy about working here?

Well, my role here was defined differently at first. I’ve been lucky to grow into my role and to also grow out of my role. I like challenges and working hard. I value working somewhere with team spirit. It’s important to work at a company where you’re treated well. And I appreciate being somewhere where we have a family atmosphere.

The Marketing team is hiring an Ad sales Intern. What would you look for in someone to come work here? Do you have advice for interns?

We want to find someone who’s willing to learn, grow and develop. We look for someone who can both participate and also actively listen. Absorbing new information and actively listening is so important. As is having fun! Business is business but of course we also want work to be enjoyable. Plus, it always helps to have great taste in music! As for advice, I’d say don’t over-prepare. Be well prepared, but authentic. And as the intern, make sure you state your expectations very clearly so you can learn and achieve your goals during your time at a company. [caption id="attachment_4629" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Marketing Duc visiting Angkor Wat[/caption]

Can you tell me more about your role in the evolution of the magazine?

When I started, the Marketing team and I went over the concept. Even before I joined we sort of talked through the goals for the magazine. Because I’m visually oriented, I wanted to take a look at the magazine from that perspective and bring it up to my aesthetic standards. So, I did research, utilized my skills from my studies. Also, I happen to love doing graphic design as a hobby so I immersed myself in the design process. I made mock-ups, presented my ideas and we decided how to progress from there. I looked at other magazine layouts, watched tutorials and taught myself new skills. But more importantly, I listen to feedback from our audience. They’re our main focus, we want to please them and listen to their input, and that of my team. We are working on a big collaboration, in which I am the fine-tuner.

Where do you see the magazine heading in the next year?

Ideally, we’ll add new features and rubrics. For example, we do a once-yearly issue on products we like. This is the type of thing I’d like to see more of. I’d like to keep working on a more structured process and continuously updating our aesthetics. And right now we have a readership of 80,000 but I’d like to see that increase in a year. I’d like to see that go up to 100,000+. People have been turning to us for expert knowledge, and we can always provide that by introducing them to the magazine.

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