InPost on the brink of revolutionizing U.S. e-commerce

InPost, the global leader in Automated Parcel Machines, to exhibit at ‘Click & Collect Show USA’ 2015

  • InPost to showcase the benefits of joining the world’s most extensive “Click & Collect” parcel locker network.
  • InPost already has a network of more than 4,000 lockers on five continents and is expanding rapidly.
  • USA Today/ OZY name InPost CEO Rafal Brzoska one of Europe’s ‘New Economy’ business leaders.
  • InPost recognized with numerous international awards for innovation.
March 31: InPost is bringing its dynamic concept to the United States. At the largest ever ‘Click & Collect Show USA’ this April, InPost will show why its e-commerce delivery solution is enjoying exponential growth and soaring popularity with e-consumers worldwide. USA Today and OZY, the fastest growing technology blog in Silicon Valley, have already compared InPost CEO Rafal Brzoska to Jeff Bezos. Hardly surprising considering Mr Brzoska is the owner of the world’s largest automated “Click & Collect” network, the recipient of innumerable awards for innovation and leader of  a company that is revolutionizing logistics for e-commerce. The United States is one of the most valuable and sophisticated e-commerce markets in the world but lacks the delivery solution for e-commerce that it deserves. Fortunately, InPost provides a delivery and returns service as innovative and effective as the e-commerce market it was designed for. Like Amazon Lockers, InPost Automated Parcel Machines (APMs) are self-service parcel lockers that overcome the many disadvantages of traditional courier and postal services. The InPost APM network is open to all e-commerce, retail and logistics players and is already the world’s most extensive and experienced provider with more than 4,000 lockers already operating on five continents, including these countries: Canada, the U.K., Australia, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. This year’s ‘Click & Collect Show USA’ is the largest ever. The expo will be held at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA April 8-9, 2015. Among distinguished speakers, Tony Jasinski, Chief Executive Officer of InPost Canada, will speak about  ‘Simplifying the future of delivery with 24/7 automated lockers’ at 2:30 p.m. on April 8. Attendees are also invited to join InPost executives at exhibit booth 407 to see for themselves why InPost represents the future for the industry. One issue attendees are likely to be familiar with is the limitations of courier and postal services in  the e-commerce sector. A perennial problem for courier services is the high rate of failed deliveries. Recipients often aren’t at home addresses during working hours and workplaces are increasingly resistant to the flood of personal deliveries. The alternative  leaving packages on doorsteps  exposes buyers and sellers to rising problems of theft. Furthermore, like postal operators, couriers are blighted by the ‘last-mile’ problem the disproportionately expensive final stage of delivery. All of which make courier delivery inconvenient, inefficient and expensive. Pick-up and drop-off points provide a partial solution but pick-up times are still limited to their opening hours. InPost Automated Parcel Machines are not subject to this problem. Orders are delivered to a secure APM of a customer’s choice for self-service collection 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. In fact, 58 per cent  of InPost parcels are picked up outside standard opening times. To use the service, e-customers simply select their most conveniently located APM when ordering and receive a notification from InPost via text message and e-mail when their parcel is ready for pick-up. Customers can then pick up their securely held order at their leisure from the APM they selected. While a courier can deliver 60-70 parcels a day, InPost APMs can supply ten times this number in the same period. One APM recently recorded 512 parcel deliveries in a single day, averaging more than one parcel picked up every three minutes. This efficiency provides not just cost savings for customers but environmental benefits by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It is hardly surprising that InPost APMs are enjoying such massive success globally. InPost now operates the U.K.’s largest “Click & Collect” network comprising over 1,000 terminals at strategic locations such as underground stations and supermarket chains. Seventy per cent of Britons are currently no more than five minutes or five miles from their nearest InPost APM,  and the network will be even more convenient as the number of terminals rises to 1,500 in 2015. In Poland, where InPost began, the current network of 1,100 APMs will grow to 1,500 in 2015, the Italian network to 1,000 terminals in the same period, and the French network to 2,500 in the next two years. Elsewhere in Europe expansion is also underway with new countries being added to the network and numbers being increased in existing markets. In Canada, our operations are led by Mr. Jasinski.  He and his team have just deployed 50 automated parcel lockers in the Greater Toronto Area, the most dynamic e-commerce and shipping market in the country.  Shortly, we will be installing another 150 terminals – all in strategically placed in prominent retail, gas-station and public transportation locations. Hundreds more are planned for across Canada by the end of the year. InPost’s development in Asia and the Middle East North Africa (MENA) regions is also progressing well. In Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia InPost already provides terminals for the national postal operators. In fact, ‘tailor-made’ InPost solutions are currently operational on five continents, including such countries as: Australia, Canada, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Columbia. For more information please visit:,