How To Follow Up After A Job Interview


How To Follow Up After A Job Interview 


You’ve done the most difficult part. The job interview is over!

However, before you can completely relax there is still one more thing left to do…

CareerBuilder found that more than one-in-five hiring managers say they are less likely to hire a candidate who didn't send a thank-you note. You do not want this small, yet potentially very important step to jeopardise your chances of landing the job.


Why should I send a thank you note?

Sending a thank you email promptly after the job interview is over is the perfect way of thanking the interviewer for his or her time and reminding them you are very much interested in the position. For instance, when going for a job interview, you are also establishing whether the job position and company is the right fit for you and if the hiring manager believes the same. Therefore, following up after the interview in this way highlights that you are interested in the position.

Moreover, a thank you email also reminds the hiring manager that you even exist. Some hiring managers could be interviewing dozens of candidates. Therefore, there is no harm in sending a friendly prompt that will remind them of your qualifications and experience and leave one last positive impression.


How to write a thank you email

The good thing about a thank you email is that it doesn’t have to be overly formal, just simple and to the point. This is important as you do not want to come across cheesy or desperate for the job. This means not using the email as another opportunity to try and sell yourself.

Here is an example of a simple and clear thank you email:


Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I was very impressed and excited by the company and feel that the job description matches my skill set. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]


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Written by Jessie Randhawa