Hong Kong Financial Services' Top 5 Priority Responses

Preparing for 2020: Hong Kong Financial Services' Top 5 Priority Responses

The pace of global change in financial services continues to accelerate as market incumbents, emerging FinTech startups and newcomers of every kind try to offer more sophisticated yet convenient means of moving money. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in Hong Kong; the city that prides itself on being the financial gateway to the rest of China as well as a hugely influential international finance hub in its own right. How can Hong Kong retain its prominence in Chinese and international finance? In this article, find out what should be your top 5 priority responses in tackling latest technology-driven influencers for 2020! picture1 Preparing for 2020: Hong Kong Financial Services' Top 5 priority responses Download this article to find out more on how the following trends are disrupting the industry and how you should respond:
  • FinTech disruptors
  • Blockchain
  • The rise of the sharing economy
  • Rising Cybercrime
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure model
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